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A Magnificent Bronze Figure of 16 Hands Ganesha

A Magnificent Bronze Figure of 16 Hands Ganesha

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Product Code : WT9141
L x W x H | Weight : 1.91667 x 1.5 x 4.75 ft | 661.387 lbs
Color : Bronze
Material : Bronze
Composition : Copper, Zinc, Lead, Tin, Gold
Product Description :
Among the most renowned works of Chola sculptural art inspiration is the exquisite temple bronze cast of magnificent 16 hands standing Ganesha which is above all celebration of human beauty and sexuality. This is a majestic 16-armed form of Lord Ganesha known as Veera Ganapati. An uncommon, fierce, complex and beautiful rendering in bronze in Chola style. 

The aesthetic appeal of Chola bronze of it’s fluid movement, art inspiration and texture patterns increases the appreciation of beauty or good taste and intended to appeal to and connect with the emotions of art lovers around the world especially with this mighty warrior form of Ganesha.
This is a majestic 16-armed form of Lord Ganesha known as Veera Ganapati. Set on a solid bronze pedestal the sculpture is flanked by Ganesha's attendants. The supple flesh of the torso contrasted with the delicately carved ornament that enhances the smoothness of the body conveys beautifully the varied excellence of wonderful carving. 

The bronze figure is remarkable for its elegant proportion and serene expression. The Chola bronze style sculpture is elegant and the pose and expression of Ganesha are very explicit and graceful.

The magnificent idol stands mounted on a solid and astonishing metal pedestal that exemplifies the graceful form of Ganesha. The focus is on the delicate modeling and remarkable technical sophistication of mathematical schematic. The artisans have taken special care on the details of the weapons, the mudras and the pose of Ganesha.

This bronze sculpture is an uncommon form of Ganesha, fierce and is seen as a warrior with sixteen arms. He holds a disc, sword, trident, hammer, plow, ax, goad and bow in his right hands from top to bottom. In his left hands, Ganesha holds (top to bottom); goblin, shield, vajra, thunderbolt, dagger, banner, mace, snake and arrow.

Property from A Distinguished Private Collection, India
The brilliant bronze sculpture provides a window into a glorious period of India's illustrious history.

Symbolism in Hinduism, India: Central Chinmaya Mission Trust, 1983, p.319 (seen both in stone and bronze)

Yuva Bharati, India: Vivekananda Rock Memorial Committee, 1974, p.30 (many other bronze images of Ganesa)

The Heritage, India: Chandamama Publications, 1988, p.6 (bronze statue of dancing Ganapathy)

Checked and Authenticated by
Dr. Ganeshan Palani
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Harmeet Kaur
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