A Mother's Lesson for her Son

A Mother's Lesson for her Son

In a quaint neighborhood, a young boy observed the daily ritual of his mother purchasing vegetables from a local vendor who frequented their doorstep. This seemingly mundane encounter would soon reveal a profound lesson in compassion and empathy.

One fateful day, the vegetable seller arrived with bundles of fresh spinach, priced at six rupees per bundle. The negotiation commenced as usual, with the boy's mother offering a counter bid exactly half of the asking price, proposing to purchase four bundles.

A spirited exchange ensued, with both parties advocating for their respective positions. Yet, despite their best efforts, an impasse was reached, as the seller expressed her inability to meet the buyer's price without incurring losses. Disheartened, she prepared to depart.

However, as she began her departure, a moment of compassion stirred within the boy's mother. Sensing the seller's plight, she offered a compromise, agreeing to purchase the spinach at the seller's proposed rate of four rupees and fifty paise per bundle.

With the deal finalized, the seller carefully laid out her wares for inspection. The boy's mother, meticulous in her selection, chose four bundles to her satisfaction. As she prepared to pay, a sudden concern gripped her heart.

Observing the seller's weary demeanor, she inquired about her well-being, expressing worry over her apparent lack of sustenance. The seller, touched by this display of compassion, confessed her hunger, revealing her plans to purchase rice with her day's earnings.

Without hesitation, the boy's mother sprang into action, retrieving food and water to offer the seller respite from her hunger. Gratefully accepting the gesture, the seller partook of the nourishment provided, finding solace in the warmth of human kindness.

As the seller regained her strength, the boy's mother extended further hospitality, offering a comforting cup of tea. With renewed vigor, the seller expressed her gratitude before resuming her duties, her basket once again perched upon her head.

Confounded by the apparent contradiction in his mother's actions, the young boy sought clarification. Why had she been resolute in her negotiations, yet so generous in her compassion?

In response, his mother imparted a timeless lesson, one that transcended the confines of commerce. "In matters of trade, we negotiate for fair value," she explained. "But when someone is in need, we extend the hand of kindness without hesitation. For there is no place for trading in acts of compassion; they are gifts freely given from the heart."

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