Be Good to Others!! Short Stories with Life Lessons

Be Good to Others!! Short Stories with Life Lessons

Story 1: Everyone is Mean

A man approached his Guru with a heavy heart, complaining about the meanness of his wife, children, relatives, and colleagues. Seeking guidance, he pleaded, "Guru ji, what should I do?"

The wise Guru smiled and responded with a story. In a distant village, there existed a special room adorned with 100 mirrors. In this room, a little girl found joy and companionship. As she played, she saw a reflection of 100 children, mirroring her every move.

Clapping her hands, the reflections joined in, bringing her immense happiness. Convinced it was the best place in the world, she yearned to return. Enter a gloomy man who, upon entering the same room, saw only sadness in the reflections. Trying to push them away, he witnessed them pushing back, deeming it the worst place.

The Guru paused and imparted the lesson, "This world is like a room with countless mirrors. What you carry within reflects back to you. Keep your heart and mind as pure as that of a child, and the world will be your heavenly playground."

Story 2: Echo in Hills

In the hills, a small child, angered by his mother, ran away from home, shouting, "I hate you!" Echoes of his words bounced off the mountains. Terrified, he ran back to his mother, claiming a bad child in the hills yelled, "I hate you!"

The wise mother, understanding the situation, took her son back to the hills. Instructing him to shout, "I love you," the echoes repeated his words. Perplexed, the boy looked to his mother for an explanation.

She patiently revealed the concept of echo, how words echoed back after hitting the mountains. "Life is similar," she explained, "whatever we send out comes back to us. Choose your words wisely, and let positivity resonate in your actions."

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