God's Orchard: Trusting in Divine Timing

God's Orchard: Trusting in Divine Timing

In a celestial proclamation, it was announced from Heaven that God Himself would distribute apples. Eager and joyous, people lined up in anticipation, ready to receive this heavenly gift.

Among them was a little girl, her heart brimming with excitement at the prospect of seeing God for the first time and receiving a divine apple. As her turn arrived, God handed her a remarkably large apple. However, in a heart-wrenching moment, the apple slipped from her grasp and fell into the mud.

Disheartened and on the verge of tears, the little girl faced a dilemma. To have another chance at receiving an apple, she had to endure the lengthy queue once more, now even longer than before.

Undeterred, the resilient girl re-entered the line, patiently waiting her turn. As the line progressed, the basket of apples seemed to dwindle, raising concerns that by the time her turn came, there might be none left.

However, when her turn finally arrived, she was surprised to find a basket replenished with new, fresh apples. God, perceptive to her thoughts, explained that the previous apple had a flaw, and it was His design for it to slip from her hands. The extended wait was necessary for new, perfect apples to arrive, ensuring she received the best.

God handed her a radiant, oversized apple, declaring, "Last time, the apple was not suitable for you. It had a flaw. I made it fall so that you could receive a better one. Your patience allowed time for new and fresh apples to arrive, specifically for you."

The little girl's initial sorrow transformed into joy and gratitude, realizing that God's timing and intentions surpassed her understanding.

This heartwarming story teaches us to trust in divine timing and accept delays as part of God's plan. Just as a caring parent selects the best for their child, God ensures that His children receive what is truly beneficial and perfect for them.

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