Inner Peace and the Perspective of a Wise Seth

Inner Peace and the Perspective of a Wise Seth

Once, a wealthy man, known as Seth, was sitting with his friends when his maid rushed in, informing him that his wife's necklace, worth nine lakh rupees, was lost. Surprisingly, Seth calmly responded, "It's good." Perplexed, his friend couldn't comprehend such a nonchalant reaction to a significant loss.

An hour later, the maid returned with news that the lost necklace had been found. Seth, again unfazed, replied, "It's good." Intrigued, his friend questioned the seemingly indifferent attitude, asking why Seth said it was good when the necklace was lost and why he repeated the same when it was found.

Seth explained his philosophy, emphasizing the importance of maintaining inner peace regardless of external circumstances. He highlighted the transient nature of material possessions and the inevitability of leaving everything behind at the end of one's life. By cultivating a mindset of detachment and letting go, Seth believed that facing life's uncertainties became more manageable.

He advocated for the habit of charitable giving, as it not only contributed to the welfare of others but also increased one's virtue. Seth emphasized that embracing the practice of letting go, starting with small things, could serve as a valuable preparation for the inevitable challenges that life presents.

When the necklace was lost, Seth chose not to let it disturb his peace. When it was found, he remained unperturbed, recognizing that possessions come and go. His underlying belief was in the fundamental truth that whatever happens is ultimately for the good. This perspective allowed Seth to navigate life with equanimity and resilience, undisturbed by the fluctuations of external events.

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