Practical Wisdom: Three Disciples and the Loaf of Bread

Practical Wisdom: Three Disciples and the Loaf of Bread

Once, three disciples were returning after receiving initiation from their Guru, who had imparted teachings emphasizing the importance of practical knowledge along with spiritual wisdom.

On their journey, engaged in deep discussions about various scriptures and puranas, they eventually stopped at a resting place. To their dismay, when they opened their bag for food, only one loaf of bread remained.

Understanding that sharing the bread might not satisfy anyone's hunger, they decided to leave the decision to God. Each disciple lay down to sleep, expecting a divine signal to determine who would eat the bread.

Upon waking up, the first disciple excitedly shared his dream. He described being taken on a heavenly tour by an angel, encountering infinite peace and beauty. In the end, a Mahatma dressed in white handed him the bread, instructing him to satisfy his hunger.

The second disciple echoed a similar dream, affirming that a Mahatma had conveyed the same message. Both eagerly turned to the third disciple, expecting to hear about his divine experience.

However, the third disciple calmly explained that he had not dreamt of any celestial journey. Instead, he awoke during the night and, realizing the importance of practical knowledge emphasized by their Guru, quietly ate the bread.

The first two disciples were taken aback and questioned his decision. In response, the third disciple reminded them of their Guru's teachings, emphasizing the significance of practical wisdom. For him, the practical knowledge was clear – it was better to eat the bread than to suffer from hunger.

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