Raman's Hunger for Success

Raman's Hunger for Success

In the vibrant kingdom of Vijayanagar, an Arab merchant arrived with a ship laden with horses from Persia. The horses quickly gained popularity among the courtiers in the king's court, who were captivated by their strength and endurance.

Amidst the admiration for the foreign horses, Raman, known for his wit and wisdom, boldly declared that the horses of Vijayanagar were superior. Unconvinced, the ministers who had purchased the Arabian horses challenged Raman to prove his claim in a horse race. Undeterred, Raman accepted the challenge, and the day of the race was set.

The courtiers spared no effort in training their horses, ensuring they were strong and sturdy. On the appointed day, they presented their horses, accompanied by expert jockeys ready to showcase the prowess of the Arabian steeds. In contrast, Raman chose a seemingly thin horse that appeared as if it hadn't eaten for days. Determined to ride his own horse, Raman stood confidently on the race field.

As the race commenced, Raman revealed his unique strategy. Holding a long stick with a bundle of grass tied to one end, he announced that he would ride with this unusual companion. As the horses thundered down the track, Raman positioned the grass in front of his horse, just out of its reach.

Motivated by the desire to feast on the enticing greenery, Raman's horse sprinted faster and faster. The more it ran, the more the grass eluded its grasp. In a spectacular display of determination, Raman's horse surged ahead, crossing the finish line first.

After the race, Raman embraced his hungry companion, feeding him the lush green grass he had earned. When the king inquired about his secret, Raman smiled and shared his wisdom, "Maharaj, one must be hungry for success to truly achieve it."

The lesson echoed in the hearts of those who witnessed the unconventional victory – the key to success lies in unwavering focus, determination, and a hunger that propels one towards their goals.

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