Reflections of Perception: The World Through Your Eyes

Reflections of Perception: The World Through Your Eyes

In response to a disciple's inquiry about his perception of the world, the Guru chose to convey his perspective through a simple yet profound story. The Guru began by describing a glass palace in a city adorned with hundreds of mirrors on every wall.

Within this palace, the story unfolded as an angry dog entered the premises. The mirrors reflected hundreds of angry and sad dogs back at him. Startled by this sight, the dog began barking at the multitude of reflections, only intensifying his fear and anxiety. Fleeing from what seemed like a nightmarish place, the dog believed it to be the worst in the world.

In contrast, another dog, cheerful and lively, entered the same palace a few days later. Upon entering, it was greeted by reflections of a hundred dogs wagging their tails in a warm welcome. Filled with joy, the dog's confidence soared as it perceived a multitude of happy companions. Leaving the palace, the dog considered it the best place in the world, having had the most positive experience of its life.

Concluding the story, the Guru conveyed to the disciple that the world, much like the glass palace, responds to individuals based on their own thoughts. Those who view the world as a place of happiness depart with experiences filled with joy and positivity. Conversely, those who perceive the world as a source of sorrow find themselves immersed in bitterness and sadness. The Guru's teaching emphasized the power of perception in shaping one's experience of the world.

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