The Basket of Grapes: A Lesson in Gratitude

The Basket of Grapes: A Lesson in Gratitude

In a flourishing kingdom, a diligent farmer tended to the bountiful fruit garden within the palace premises. Every day, he carefully selected fresh fruits to present to the King.

One day, as the farmer surveyed the garden, he pondered over which fruit to offer to the King. Coconut, guava, plums, and grapes were all ripe for picking. After contemplation, he decided to bring grapes for the King.

Arriving at the palace, the farmer presented a basket overflowing with sweet and juicy grapes to the King. However, upon reaching the palace, the farmer noticed the King lost in thought and visibly upset.

Undeterred, the farmer placed the basket before the King and took a respectful distance. As the King absentmindedly indulged in the grapes, he would occasionally pluck one and toss it at the farmer's forehead.

With each grape hitting him, the farmer would calmly say, "God is very merciful."

This peculiar exchange continued, with the King consuming grapes and tossing them at the farmer. Puzzled, the King questioned the farmer about his consistent response.

The farmer replied with humility, "Your Majesty, I had the option to bring coconut, guava, or plums, but I chose grapes to offer you today. If I had presented larger fruits like coconut or plums instead of grapes, what would my situation be like now?"

Reflecting on the farmer's words, the King realized the unintended harm he had caused. Expressing regret, he asked the farmer why he continued to say, "God is very merciful."

The farmer explained, "God lightens many of our troubles and saves us, but we often fail to recognize His mercy. In moments of difficulty, instead of blaming God, we should focus on the positive and be grateful for His kindness."

This story beautifully illustrates the importance of gratitude and recognizing the blessings, even in the face of challenges.

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