The Bitter Tongue

The Bitter Tongue

Story 1: The Bitter Tongue

In a rustic village, a wealthy man known as Seth wielded his wealth like a sword, but it was his tongue that cut deepest. Fueled by anger, his words dripped with venom, leaving wounds that festered in the hearts of those around him.

Fed up with his hurtful behavior, the villagers sought solace from a saint who dwelled among them. With heavy hearts and hopeful souls, they beseeched the saint to remedy Seth's affliction.

The next day, the saint summoned Seth to his humble abode, offering him a seat beside him. Without a word, the saint poured a bitter concoction into a glass and handed it to Seth.

As the acrid liquid touched his lips, Seth recoiled in disgust, declaring it too bitter to bear. With a knowing smile, the saint posed a question: "Does your tongue recognize bitterness?"

Seth nodded, acknowledging the truth of the saint's words.

"Then tell me," the saint continued gently, "why would someone willingly tarnish their tongue with bitter words, knowing the pain they inflict upon others?"

Silenced by the saint's wisdom, Seth hung his head in shame, realizing the harm his words had wrought upon others. With newfound clarity, he vowed to cleanse his tongue of bitterness and speak only kindness henceforth.

In that moment of humility, Seth embraced the saint's teachings, recognizing the power of words to heal or harm, and resolved to tread a path of compassion and empathy.

Story 2: The Crossing

Seated serenely on the riverbank, a saint was approached by a passerby, curiosity piqued by the saint's tranquil demeanor amidst the rushing waters.

"What are you doing, Baba?" the traveler inquired, puzzled by the saint's seemingly idle occupation.

The saint's response was simple yet profound: "Waiting for the river to dry up so I may cross."

Perplexed by the saint's cryptic reply, the traveler shook his head in disbelief. "But Baba," he protested, "the river will never dry up completely. Waiting for such an event is futile."

With a gentle smile, the saint imparted a timeless lesson, one that resonated deeply with the traveler's own struggles and aspirations.

"Just as the river's waters continue to flow unabated, so too do the responsibilities and trials of life," the saint explained. "To wait for them to cease entirely before embarking on our journey is an exercise in futility."

In that moment of revelation, the traveler understood the folly of delaying his happiness and fulfillment, realizing that life's currents would never relent. With renewed purpose, he resolved to navigate the river of life with courage and determination, embracing joy and seizing every opportunity for growth along the way.

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