The City of Truth and the Ruins of Lies

The City of Truth and the Ruins of Lies

Once, in the realm between worlds, the spirits gathered before the divine presence, voicing their grievances about inequality. The evil spirits lamented their plight, feeling unjustly treated compared to their virtuous counterparts who dwelled in opulence.

God, ever fair and wise, addressed their concerns, explaining that their state was a consequence of their actions. However, the complaints persisted, prompting a novel solution from the divine.

In response, God decreed that both good and evil spirits would have the opportunity to build their own cities, fashioned from bricks forged by human actions—truth or lies.

The evil spirits, believing falsehood to be more abundant on Earth, opted for bricks crafted from lies, while the good spirits chose bricks made from truth.

Construction commenced, and soon the city of the evil spirits rose swiftly, towering and magnificent. Meanwhile, the city of the good spirits progressed at a slower pace, marked by diligence and integrity.

Yet, as the city of lies reached its zenith, a strange phenomenon occurred. Bricks began to vanish, causing the once grand edifices to crumble into ruins. Bewildered, the evil spirits sought answers from God.

With a knowing smile, God revealed that the disappearance of the bricks mirrored the fate of those who uttered lies. The deceitful were exposed, and their falsehoods unravelled, leaving behind only the vestiges of their deception.

In contrast, the city of truth endured, its foundation steadfast and unwavering. Though progress may have been slower, the integrity upon which it was built ensured its lasting success.

The tale serves as a timeless lesson, illustrating the transient nature of falsehoods and the enduring strength of truth. While lies may promise swift gains, they ultimately lead to ruin, whereas honesty, though it may require patience, guarantees enduring prosperity.

In the end, it is not the speed of construction but the integrity of the foundation that determines the longevity of success. Thus, let us heed the wisdom of this parable and build our lives upon the bedrock of truth, for therein lies the path to lasting fulfillment and prosperity.

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