The Clever Old Lady's Wager: A Hairy Situation

The Clever Old Lady's Wager: A Hairy Situation

Once upon a time, an elderly woman visited the grandest bank in the city with intentions to deposit a substantial sum of money. When questioned about her profession, she casually mentioned her success in betting, sparking the curiosity of the bank manager.

Intrigued, the manager inquired further, prompting the old lady to make an audacious wager—she claimed she could bet ₹1 lakh that the manager wore a wig. Amused by her boldness, the manager accepted the bet, confident in his own lack of a toupee.

The following day, the old lady returned to the bank accompanied by her lawyer, ready to settle the wager in front of a witness. Without hesitation, she demanded to inspect the manager's hair herself to confirm the absence of any artificial enhancements.

Seizing the opportunity to secure an easy win, the manager consented to the inspection, eager to claim the promised winnings. However, to his surprise, the old lady's unconventional approach left him dumbfounded as she began pulling at his hair.

Meanwhile, the lawyer, bound by the terms of a separate bet made the day before, found himself reluctantly bashing his head against the wall in a humorous twist of fate.

With a mischievous twinkle in her eye, the old lady revealed the true nature of her wager, leaving the manager red-faced and the lawyer nursing a bruised ego. In a stroke of cunning brilliance, she had outwitted them both, proving that sometimes the most unexpected tactics lead to victory.

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