The Enlightenment Test

The Enlightenment Test

In the tranquil confines of the saint's dwelling, a nightly spectacle unfolded during the revered Satsang. With a sage's discernment, the saint adorned his loyal feline companion with a lamp upon its brow, employing its serene presence to ward off the encroaching veil of darkness.

Onlookers beheld this ritual with awe, marveling at the cat's unwavering devotion as it maintained the lamp's precarious balance amidst the distractions of the world. They extolled the cat's intelligence and unwavering focus, deeming it a paragon of virtue and mindfulness.

Yet, amid the chorus of admiration, a skeptic lurked—a man driven by the pursuit of truth and the unraveling of mysteries. Resolved to uncover the depths of the cat's character, he concocted a plan to test its true nature.

Concealing a mouse within his garments, the skeptic infiltrated the sanctity of the Satsang, anticipation pulsing through his veins. As the lamp illuminated the cat's visage and the Satsang commenced its sacred discourse, he bided his time, awaiting the opportune moment to unveil the truth.

With calculated precision, the skeptic unleashed the mouse before the unsuspecting cat, observing intently as its demeanor shifted. In a fleeting instant, the facade of serenity crumbled, giving way to primal instinct as the cat lunged towards the elusive prey. The lamp, forsaken in the ensuing chaos, tumbled from its perch, casting the gathering into darkness.

Amidst the aftermath of revelation, the skeptic imparted a profound insight—a poignant allegory for the labyrinth of the human psyche. Just as the cat succumbed to desire, forsaking the guiding light of wisdom, so too do our minds falter in the face of temptation, veering from the path of enlightenment towards the abyss of obsession.

Thus, amidst the shadows of deceit, the lamp of wisdom remains a beacon, illuminating the journey towards true understanding and liberation from the snares of desire.

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