The Hand of Karma: A Lesson in Consequences

The Hand of Karma: A Lesson in Consequences

A Divine Stroll: Consequences Unfold

One day, God decided to take a leisurely walk accompanied by a compassionate Angel. As they meandered through the landscape, they stumbled upon a pond where joyous children were frolicking in the water. However, their attention was drawn to a lone boy sitting forlorn under a tree, devoid of both hands.

Observing the child's plight, the empathetic Angel couldn't bear to see him excluded from the aquatic merriment. She beseeched God to grant the boy hands so that he, too, could join in the joyous play.

God, upholding the principles of life's intricate balance, initially hesitated, explaining that interference in one's life goes against the natural order dictated by past deeds. Yet, the Angel's persistent plea moved the divine heart, and hands were bestowed upon the boy.

Ecstatic with his newfound ability, the once-handless boy joyously immersed himself in the pond, sharing laughter and camaraderie with the other children.

However, a week later, as God and the Angel revisited the scene, an unexpected twist awaited them. The same boy, now equipped with hands, was the sole occupant of the pond, while the other children stood apprehensively at a distance.

Perplexed, the Angel inquired about the peculiar situation. God, with an all-knowing gaze, directed the Angel's attention toward the pond. There, they witnessed the boy, given a second chance by the Angel's intervention, attempting to harm another child by dragging them underwater, spreading fear among the rest.

God, with a solemn tone, remarked, "Every individual reaps the fruits of their actions. Nature operates on the principles of justice, impartially delivering consequences for deeds performed in this life or the last."

The poignant lesson emerged - interference in the natural order can disturb the delicate balance of life's karmic cycle. The story serves as a powerful reminder that actions, whether good or bad, echo through time, and each individual is bound by the repercussions of their deeds, ensuring that justice prevails in the grand tapestry of life.

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