The Importance of Patience Till the End

The Importance of Patience Till the End

In a village near a dense forest, an elderly man was renowned for his expertise in tree climbing. Understanding the necessity of this skill due to the wild animals in the surrounding forest, he dedicated himself to training the village youth.

On the final day of training, the elderly man challenged the young learners to climb a tall and challenging tree. He emphasized that conquering this tree would signify their mastery in tree climbing.

As the eager group took turns climbing the tree, the elderly instructor refrained from offering guidance during the ascent. However, when each young climber reached the halfway point or descended, the elderly man would caution them to take it easy and be careful.

Confused by this pattern, one young man approached the elderly instructor and asked, "Baba, why didn't you instruct us to be careful while climbing that difficult tree? You only cautioned us while coming down. What was the reason?"

The elderly man explained, "Climbing to the topmost branch of that tree is inherently difficult, and both you and I were aware of it. Your initial caution was automatic. However, as you neared the destination, your mind might have tricked you into thinking the work was nearly complete. At that moment, lapses in vigilance often occur, leading to mistakes. Remember, there's a crucial difference between nearing the destination and actually reaching it."

The lesson imparted by the elderly instructor emphasized the importance of maintaining patience and caution until the very end of a task. Losing patience near the completion of a task can lead to avoidable mistakes. Whether at the beginning or the end, consistent patience and carefulness are vital for successful outcomes.

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