The Interview that Changed Everything

The Interview that Changed Everything

In a bustling city, a young man eagerly arrived at an office for his first job interview, fueled by the desire to escape his parents' constant nagging. Thoughts of a life free from daily instructions swirled in his mind as he waited anxiously.

Reflecting on the petty grievances at home, he contemplated the seemingly unnecessary tasks his parents had always imposed on him—making the bed, closing doors, checking taps, switching off lights and fans. The young man resolved that success in the interview would liberate him from such domestic woes.

As he observed his fellow candidates in the waiting room, he noticed the veranda light still burning bright at ten in the morning. Recalling his father's words about conserving energy, he took it upon himself to switch it off. A dripping water cooler caught his attention, prompting him to ensure the tap was tightly closed.

Upon reaching the designated interview floor, he encountered a chair obstructing the pathway. Without hesitation, he moved it aside before ascending to the second floor.

Curiosity piqued, the young man inquired about the quick interview turnovers. To his surprise, candidates weren't asked a single question. The interviewer simply took their files and instructed them to leave. The young man's turn came, and after submitting his file, the interviewer posed an unexpected question, "When are you joining?"

Perplexed, the young man received an explanation. The interview process focused on observing candidates through CCTV cameras. The interviewer praised him for his values and good habits—turning off the light and ensuring the tap was closed.

The young man realized that self-discipline and good habits held immense significance in both management and life. As the interview concluded, he returned home, embraced his parents, and expressed gratitude for the valuable lessons learned through their nagging.

In a moment of realization, he acknowledged that his education paled in comparison to the importance of good habits and values. The experience taught him that success in life wasn't solely dependent on academic achievements but also on cultivating essential virtues and showing respect for the values instilled by his parents.

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