The King's Proximity: A Lesson in Divine Connection

The King's Proximity: A Lesson in Divine Connection

In a village, a poor Brahmin diligently saved money for his daughter's wedding. Trusting a wealthy moneylender named Seth, he deposited the money without any written agreement. When the time came for his daughter's marriage, the Brahmin returned to retrieve his savings, only to find Seth denying any knowledge of the transaction.

Undeterred, the Brahmin sought justice from the royal court, sharing his plight with the King. The compassionate King devised a plan. He informed the Brahmin that he would visit the village the next day and instructed him to wait at a specific corner just before Seth's shop.

True to his word, the King, upon nearing Seth's area, noticed the waiting Brahmin. Inviting him to join him on his chariot, the King conveyed a message of closeness and favor. Witnessing the Brahmin seated beside the King, Seth grew anxious about the potential revelations the Brahmin might make.

As the chariot passed the designated road, the King halted and informed the Brahmin that he could return home. The mere act of the Brahmin being in close proximity to the King had a profound effect on Seth, prompting him to promptly return the borrowed money with interest and offer a sincere apology.

Reflecting on the incident, the Brahmin recognized the power of proximity. If such brief closeness to a king could yield positive results, he pondered the immeasurable benefits of being close to the Supreme Father, the King of Kings. Inspired, he dedicated himself to the worship of God, acknowledging the boundless blessings that come from a connection with the Divine.

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