The King's Query: The Timely Justice of Deeds

The King's Query: The Timely Justice of Deeds

Once, a thoughtful king sought wisdom from his Guru, pondering aloud, "You say that those who commit sins will surely be punished. However, it seems that sinners often enjoy prosperity. Can you explain this apparent contradiction?"

The wise Guru responded with patience, "O King, the workings of justice are not immediate, much like the fruits that follow certain actions. When one serves a cow, it doesn't yield milk instantly, and after plowing and sowing fields, grains take time to grow. Similarly, the consequences of deeds, whether virtuous or sinful, unfold over a certain period."

In this simple yet profound analogy, the Guru conveyed the notion that justice operates on its own timeline, aligning with the cosmic order of cause and effect. Just as seeds planted in the soil gradually sprout into crops, the repercussions of deeds, be they virtuous or sinful, manifest in due course.

The story serves as a reminder that the universe maintains balance and order, ensuring that the consequences of actions unfold in their own time. It encourages patience and trust in the cosmic justice system, assuring the king that the punishment for sins and the rewards for virtuous deeds are certain but may take time to materialize.

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