The King's Quest: Meeting God

The King's Quest: Meeting God

High atop his palace terrace, a king caught sight of a serene saint strolling through the bustling market below. Intrigued by the saint's radiant demeanor, the king's heart swelled with a sudden yearning to seek his counsel.

Summoning his servants, the king implored them to bring the saint to him without delay. Eager to fulfill their sovereign's wish, the servants swiftly hoisted the saint up to the terrace with a rope, delivering him into the king's presence.

Apologizing for the unorthodox manner of his arrival, the king explained his burning question: "How can I meet God?"

With a gentle smile, the saint reassured the king that the answer lay within him, waiting to be discovered. Encouraged by the saint's words, the king pleaded for guidance, unable to fathom the depths of his own inquiry.

Patiently, the saint illuminated the king's path with a profound analogy. He likened their meeting to the king's sudden impulse to seek him out—an urge born from witnessing the saint's inner peace and contentment amidst the chaos of the marketplace.

Reflecting on the saint's words, the king realized that true connection arises when one's heart is drawn irresistibly towards another. Just as he had yearned to meet the saint upon glimpsing his unwavering joy, so too could one attract the divine presence by living in harmonious alignment with the essence of God.

Enlightened by the saint's wisdom, the king understood that the key to meeting God lay not in frantic pursuit, but in cultivating a steadfast devotion and unwavering focus on the divine. In the same way that the king had been drawn to the saint's serene aura, so too could God be drawn to those who ardently seek His presence with pure hearts and unwavering faith.

With newfound clarity, the king resolved to embark on a spiritual journey guided by the saint's teachings, confident that by living in alignment with the divine will, he would ultimately find the fulfillment he sought in communion with God.

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