The Lesson of Two Rooms: Mutual Love and Brotherhood

The Lesson of Two Rooms: Mutual Love and Brotherhood

In the court of a wise king, a perplexing question stirred the air—a riddle that puzzled even the keenest minds.

"Why," the king pondered, "do flocks of sheep thrive while packs of dogs dwindle, despite the dogs' higher birth rate?"

Seeking enlightenment, the king turned to his trusted minister, who promised an answer by the dawn of the morrow.

As twilight descended, the minister set his plan in motion. Two rooms were prepared—a stage for the unfolding of a profound lesson.

In the first room, twenty dogs were confined, a tempting basket of bread placed tantalizingly before them. In the second room, twenty sheep grazed peacefully, a basket of fodder nestled between them.

Sealing both rooms, the minister retired for the night, leaving the puzzle to unravel with the sun's ascent.

With the morning's light, the king and his minister returned to witness the outcome of their experiment.

Opening the first room, the king beheld a scene of tragedy—all twenty dogs lay lifeless, the basket of bread untouched, a grim testament to their demise.

Perplexed, the king followed the minister to the second room. To his astonishment, the twenty sheep slumbered serenely, their bellies contentedly full, the basket of fodder now empty.

With a knowing smile, the minister unveiled the lesson hidden within the chambers.

"The dogs," he explained, "perished in their greed and discord, consumed by strife and enmity. Each fought for a share of the bread, yet none could satiate their hunger."

"In contrast," the minister continued, "the sheep thrived through unity and cooperation. They shared their bounty, nourishing each other and fostering harmony. Thus, they flourished and found solace in each other's company."

The king nodded, enlightened by the minister's wisdom.

"Community," the minister concluded, "thrives not in division and conflict, but in mutual love and brotherhood. Only through unity can lineage prosper and endure."

With newfound understanding, the king vowed to foster compassion and unity within his realm—a testament to the enduring lesson of the two rooms.

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