The Monk's Cure for the Rich Man's Fear

The Monk's Cure for the Rich Man's Fear

In the bustling heart of a prosperous city, there lived a man of immense wealth and stature. His opulent mansion echoed with the laughter of his large family, and his business empire spanned continents. Yet, despite his abundance, a shadow loomed over him – the fear of mortality.

One fateful day, a friend's passing conversation planted a seed of dread in his mind. The news of a fellow tycoon's sudden demise pierced through his facade of security, stirring a haunting realization of his own mortality.

Haunted by thoughts of inevitable departure, the rich man's once robust health began to falter. His ailment, a silent torment born of existential angst, eluded conventional treatment, confining him to the confines of his grand abode.

Amidst the despair, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of a humble monk, drawn to the rich man's anguish by a force unseen. With compassionate eyes, the monk listened as the rich man poured out the depths of his despair.

In response, the monk offered a remedy as simple as it was profound. "Repeat these words aloud whenever the specter of death haunts your thoughts: 'Till Death Comes, I Will Live.'"

Eager to grasp at any glimmer of relief, the rich man committed himself to the monk's prescription. For seven days and seven nights, he voiced the mantra with unwavering resolve, the words echoing through the halls of his gilded mansion.

As the appointed day arrived, anticipation swirled in the air. With bated breath, the rich man awaited the monk's return, his heart buoyed by newfound hope.

When the monk reappeared, he was greeted not by the sight of a bedridden invalid, but by the radiant countenance of a man reborn. Tears of gratitude flowed freely as the rich man embraced his savior, the weight of his burden lifted by the power of affirmation and faith.

In the monk's simple remedy, the rich man found not only relief from his affliction but a profound truth – that life, when embraced with courage and purpose, transcends the fear of its inevitable end. And so, armed with the monk's wisdom and fortified by his own resilience, the once troubled soul embarked on a journey of newfound freedom, guided by the light of his own inner strength.

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