The Patience of Devotion

The Patience of Devotion

In a prosperous town, a Sadhu stood outside the opulent house of a wealthy man, singing soul-stirring bhajans and seeking alms for his sustenance. The rich man, known as Seth, observed the scene with curiosity as his wife, Sethani, prepared food for the awaiting Sadhu.

Despite having the meal ready, Sethani lingered inside the kitchen, delaying the offering to the patient Sadhu. Perplexed, Seth approached his wife, questioning why she kept the Sadhu waiting when the food was ready.

Sethani, with a serene smile, revealed her reason. She confessed her deep admiration for the Sadhu's bhajans, expressing a desire to savor the spiritual melodies a little longer. She feared that if she presented the food immediately, the Sadhu might depart, and she would miss the opportunity to immerse herself in the divine tunes.

Reflecting on his wife's sentiments, Seth realized the profound lesson hidden in her actions. Just as Sethani appreciated the beauty of the Sadhu's bhajans and chose patience over immediacy, she likened it to the way God responds to prayers.

She explained, "If you feel like God is not listening to your prayers, understand that God is cherishing your prayers, keeping you in anticipation. Just as I savor the Sadhu's bhajans, God delights in your devotion."

Sethani's wisdom extended further, drawing parallels to life's trials. "Just as you don't stop eating when you feel pain or continue breathing when you're unwell, do not cease your devotion to God when facing troubles. No matter the sorrow or challenges that life presents, persevere in your devotion."

The story beautifully imparts the importance of patience and unwavering faith in the face of difficulties, emphasizing that the true essence of devotion lies in embracing the journey, even when the destination seems distant.

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