The Power of Speech: Guru Ji's Lesson

The Power of Speech: Guru Ji's Lesson

In a Gurukul, a group of disciples engaged in a heated debate about the most powerful thing in the world. Unable to reach a consensus, they decided to seek guidance from their wise Guru ji. With their question in hand, they approached Guru ji for enlightenment.

Upon hearing the disciples' varied opinions, Guru ji, surprisingly, responded with anger, leaving the disciples bewildered. It was a departure from his usual calm demeanor. Confused and somewhat hurt, the disciples began criticizing their Guru's unexpected behavior amongst themselves.

After a brief absence, Guru ji returned and acknowledged his disciples' spirited discussions. He expressed pride in their commitment to seeking knowledge even during leisure moments. As the disciples beamed with pride, Guru ji took the opportunity to impart a valuable lesson.

He explained, "My dear disciples, today's strange behavior was intentional. I wanted to answer your question. When I got angry and scolded you, you all became upset and criticized me. Yet, when I praised you, your faces lit up with joy. This demonstrates the incredible power of speech."

Guru ji continued, emphasizing the profound impact of words on relationships. He remarked, "There is nothing more powerful in the world than speech. Through words, a friend can become an enemy, and an enemy can transform into a friend. Every person should use this powerful tool with care, thinking before speaking."

The disciples absorbed Guru ji's wisdom, realizing the weightiness of their words in shaping their interactions with others. The lesson learned that day echoed the importance of harnessing the power of speech responsibly, understanding its potential to build or break relationships.

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