The Pricking Nail and the Crying Dog

The Pricking Nail and the Crying Dog

In a quaint neighborhood, a young man moved into his new home, enchanted by its charm and tranquility. Yet, amidst the peaceful ambiance, an incessant sound troubled him—a dog's mournful cry echoing through the day.

Assuming it was a passing whimper, the man hoped for its end. But as the sun rose again, so did the dog's sorrowful lament. Unable to endure further, the man embarked on a quest to silence the mournful melody.

Following the sound's trail, he arrived at a neighboring abode. A man sat idly on the veranda, engrossed in his newspaper, while a dog nearby whimpered on a wooden slab.

Concerned, the young man addressed the homeowner, "Sir, your dog has been in distress for days. Have you not sought the cause of its anguish?"

To this, the homeowner nonchalantly replied, "Indeed, I'm aware. The dog laments due to a nail lodged beneath it, piercing its flesh."

Perplexed, the young man questioned, "Then why does it not move, freeing itself from this torment?"

The homeowner explained, "This spot has long been its sanctuary. Though the nail pricks, the discomfort seems tolerable. It will depart once the pain becomes unbearable."

The young man stood astounded, realizing the profound truth hidden in this mundane scene.


In life, akin to the dog, we endure the agony of pricking nails. Some suffer the torment of unsatisfactory jobs, enduring underappreciation and stagnation. Others bear the weight of toxic relationships, suffocated by abuse or betrayal. Like the dog, we tolerate the discomfort, believing it bearable until it becomes unbearable.

Yet, the remedy lies not in enduring, but in emancipating ourselves from the source of our torment. We must muster the courage to remove the pricking nails, for delay only exacerbates the pain.

Let us heed the lesson of the crying dog, for in its lament lies a profound truth—only by freeing ourselves from that which afflicts us can we find solace and true contentment in life.

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