The Sculptor's Pride and the Messenger's Trick

The Sculptor's Pride and the Messenger's Trick

In a quaint village nestled amidst rolling hills, there lived a sculptor whose skill was renowned far and wide. His hands crafted wonders from blocks of stone, breathing life into his creations with every stroke.

As years passed, the sculptor's fame grew, and with it, so did his ego. He reveled in the adulation of admirers, believing himself to be the greatest sculptor to have ever lived.

As the twilight of his life approached, the sculptor pondered a way to outwit death itself. With cunning born of arrogance, he devised a plan to evade the inevitable.

Utilizing his unparalleled talent, he sculpted ten statues in his likeness, each one a masterpiece so lifelike that even the keenest eye could not discern reality from artistry.

When the fateful day arrived and the messenger of death came to claim him, the sculptor stood among his creations, confident in his deception.

But the messenger, wise to the ways of mortals, saw through the ruse. Unable to distinguish the sculptor from his flawless replicas, he employed a cunning trick of his own.

With a subtle jab at the sculptor's ego, the messenger remarked on a supposed flaw in the statues, baiting the prideful artist into revealing himself.

Caught off guard by his own arrogance, the sculptor couldn't resist the opportunity to defend his honor. In that moment of weakness, he betrayed himself, sealing his fate.

With a wry smile, the messenger gently chided the sculptor for his folly, reminding him that true greatness lies not in pride but in humility.

As the sculptor's ego crumbled, so too did his illusion of invincibility. In the end, it was not his artistry that betrayed him, but his unchecked hubris.

The lesson was clear: ego is a path to destruction. In the pursuit of greatness, one must guard against the seductive lure of pride, lest it lead to one's downfall.

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