The Size of God

The Size of God

The Size of God

Once, a curious little boy approached his father with a question that lingered in his innocent mind: "What is the size of God?"

His father, pondering the best way to explain such a profound concept, gestured toward the vast expanse of the sky. Spotting an airplane soaring high above, he asked his son, "What's the size of that airplane?"

The boy squinted, struggling to discern the distant speck, and replied, "It is very small. I can barely see it."

Undeterred, his father guided him to the nearest airport. Standing beneath the colossal frame of an airplane on the tarmac, he posed the question once more. "Now, tell me, what is the size of this one?"

The boy's eyes widened in amazement as he marveled at the immense aircraft before him. "Wow! This is so big," he exclaimed.

With a gentle smile, his father imparted a timeless truth. "Like this airplane, the size of God depends on how close you are to Him. The closer you are, the bigger and greater He will be in your life."

The Sparrow's Request

Amidst the lush foliage of the forest, a sparrow embarked on a quest for shelter to build her nest and nurture her young. Coming upon two trees, she approached the first with a humble request.

But to her dismay, the first tree callously refused her plea for refuge. Undeterred, the sparrow sought solace beneath the branches of the second tree, where she found compassion and hospitality.

As the days passed, the sparrow diligently crafted her nest amidst the welcoming embrace of the second tree. Soon, she laid her precious eggs, sheltered from harm.

Yet, when the rains of the tumultuous season arrived, their fury knew no bounds. The first tree, which had callously turned the sparrow away, succumbed to the relentless deluge, swept away in the raging floods.

Witnessing the fate of the tree that had spurned her, the sparrow offered a poignant reflection. "This is your karma," she chirped, "for refusing me shelter."

But to her surprise, the tree, carried away by the force of the flood, responded with unexpected wisdom. "I knew my fate," it whispered amidst the rushing waters. "I refused you not out of callousness, but foresight. I could not withstand the impending storm."

Moral: Let us not judge hastily, for the actions of others may be guided by wisdom beyond our comprehension.

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