The Stone's Journey: A Lesson in Self-Worth

The Stone's Journey: A Lesson in Self-Worth

One day, a curious son approached his father with a question burning in his heart. "Father," he inquired, "what is the value of life?"

His father, wise and contemplative, smiled at his son's earnestness. "If you truly wish to understand the value of your life," he replied, "then follow my instructions."

The father procured a simple stone and handed it to his son. "Take this stone to the roadside market," he instructed, "and sit there. If someone asks its price, raise two fingers. But remember to bring it back home."

Puzzled by his father's request, the son obeyed nonetheless. At the market, an old woman approached and inquired about the stone's cost. Following his father's directive, the son raised two fingers. To his surprise, the woman offered 200 rupees for the seemingly ordinary stone.

Returning home with his revelation, the son shared the encounter with his father. Undeterred, the father proposed a new task. "This time, take the stone to the museum," he advised, "and once more, raise two fingers if asked its price."

At the museum, a visitor marveled at the stone's beauty and inquired about its value. True to his father's guidance, the son raised two fingers. The visitor, astounded, offered 20,000 rupees for the stone.

In awe of the vast difference in offers, the son sought his father's wisdom once more. "Why does the value of the stone vary so greatly?" he asked.

With a knowing smile, the father replied, "Now, take the stone to a precious stone shop and do as before."

At the precious stone shop, the son was met with eager interest from the shopkeeper. Without hesitation, the shopkeeper offered a staggering 2 lakhs for the stone.

Returning home bewildered yet enlightened, the son recounted the day's events to his father. "How can the value of the stone differ so drastically?" he questioned.

His father's eyes twinkled with understanding. "Just as the value of the stone changes with its surroundings," he explained, "so too does the value of your life. Your worth is not determined by others' perceptions but by where you place yourself."

In that moment of realization, the son understood that his worth was not dictated by external factors but by the way he saw himself. With newfound clarity, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the invaluable lesson imparted by his wise father and the humble stone.

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