The Stork and the Farmer: A Lesson in Self-Reliance

The Stork and the Farmer: A Lesson in Self-Reliance

In a peaceful village, a pair of stork birds had made their home in a field. The stork laid eggs, and soon, their little ones hatched. However, the crops in the field were ripening, and the stork became anxious.

Realizing that it needed to find food for its young ones, the stork instructed them, "If someone comes to the field in my absence, listen to what he says and remember it."

When the stork returned with food in the evening, the fledglings shared their observations. "The farmer came today," they said. "He roamed around the field and announced that it was ready for harvest. Tomorrow, he plans to ask the villagers for help in collecting the crops."

The stork assured its children, "Don't worry; the field will not be harvested for now."

As days passed, the farmer continued making unsuccessful attempts to gather help from the villagers. When he expressed frustration about his brothers not showing up, the stork's response remained consistent: "The field will not be harvested for now."

Eventually, the stork's young ones began to learn to fly. One evening, they anxiously reported, "The farmer frightens us with lies. Today, he came and said that his brothers didn't come for harvest. Tomorrow, he plans to do it himself in the morning."

The stork, recognizing the change in circumstances, urgently advised, "Let's leave this farm immediately. The field will be harvested tomorrow."

Puzzled, the fledglings questioned their mother's sudden decision. The stork explained, "Until now, the farmer relied on others, and there was little hope of the field being harvested. But now, as he is ready to work himself, the field will undoubtedly be harvested tomorrow."

With this valuable lesson in self-reliance, the stork and its children soared away, leaving behind the field that would finally see the farmer's hands at work. The story teaches that those who take responsibility for their work ensure its completion, while those who rely on others may find their tasks left undone.

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