The Tale of Two Bundles: A Lesson in Self-Improvement

The Tale of Two Bundles: A Lesson in Self-Improvement

Once upon a time, when God fashioned man, He entrusted him with two bundles. "Carry one upon your chest and the other upon your back," God instructed. In one bundle rested the flaws of man himself, while the other held the faults of the world around him.

With diligence, man followed God's directive, always keeping a vigilant eye on the bundle before him, which contained his own shortcomings. Over time, he toiled earnestly to better himself, making steady progress on his journey.

Yet, one fateful day, as he emerged from a refreshing dip in a pond, man found the bundles had swapped positions. Suddenly, the bundle of the world's flaws confronted him, while his own inadequacies hung behind.

Confusion clouded man's thoughts as he began scrutinizing others, pointing out their faults with ease. "This neighbor is incompetent, that government is failing," he muttered, blind to his own imperfections.

As days passed, progress stalled, and a sense of decline pervaded the once-thriving community. Perplexed, man sought solace from God, questioning the sudden turn of events.

With infinite wisdom, God explained, "While your focus remained on your own faults, you thrived. But the moment you shifted your gaze to the shortcomings of others, your downfall began."

The moral rang clear: true improvement begins within oneself. By tending to our own growth, we contribute to the betterment of the world. For it is in healing ourselves that we pave the path to peace and progress, not by merely criticizing others.

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