The Test of Seeds

The Test of Seeds

In a serene ashram nestled amidst lush greenery, a revered Guru pondered over the selection of his successor among his three devoted disciples. Seeking to test their wisdom and resourcefulness, he devised a simple yet profound trial.

Handing each disciple a bag of seeds, the Guru announced his departure on a pilgrimage, instructing them to safeguard the seeds until his return. With anticipation and reverence, the disciples accepted their tasks and awaited their Guru's homecoming.

The first disciple, diligent and cautious, meticulously stored the seeds in a secure place, preserving them until the Guru's return. However, upon inspection, they discovered that the seeds had rotted away, deprived of light and nourishment.

The second disciple, pragmatic and resourceful, recognized the perishable nature of the seeds and made a pragmatic decision. He sold the seeds in the market, intending to purchase fresh ones upon the Guru's return. When the Guru returned, the disciple presented him with newly acquired seeds, demonstrating his practical approach.

Lastly, the third disciple, insightful and visionary, perceived the seeds as an opportunity for growth and abundance. Instead of hoarding them, he planted the seeds in the ashram's courtyard, nurturing them with care and diligence. As the Guru returned, he was greeted by a magnificent garden filled with vibrant flowers and abundant seeds, a testament to the disciple's foresight and stewardship.

Impressed by the third disciple's ability to utilize and multiply the seeds, the Guru declared him as his worthy successor. In this simple yet profound test, the Guru imparted a timeless lesson: true wisdom lies not in preservation or acquisition alone but in the wise utilization and cultivation of resources for the benefit of all.

Moral of the Story:

The parable of the seeds teaches us the importance of resourcefulness and stewardship. Like the third disciple, we must recognize the potential for growth and abundance in every opportunity. By wisely utilizing and nurturing our resources, we can cultivate prosperity and contribute to the greater good, echoing the timeless wisdom of our revered Gurus.

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