The Whisper of Love: A Monk's Insight on Anger

The Whisper of Love: A Monk's Insight on Anger

One serene day, a monk and his disciple found themselves on the banks of a river, witnessing a family engaged in a heated argument. The monk, observing the heightened emotions, turned to his disciple and posed a question: "Why do people shout at each other when they are angry?"

Puzzled, the disciple responded, "Perhaps it's because they lose their peace in anger?"

The monk delved deeper, "But when the person is right in front of us, why shout? Couldn't we express ourselves in a softer tone?"

The disciple found himself without an answer.

The wise monk continued to unravel the mystery, "When two hearts are filled with anger, they drift apart. In that state, they cannot hear each other without shouting. The angrier they become, the wider the emotional distance, and the louder the shouts."

The monk further questioned, "Now, consider two people in love. Do they shout at each other?"

The disciple shook his head, realizing the shift in dynamics.

The monk elaborated, "When hearts are close, there is no need for shouting. And when love deepens, words may not be necessary; a simple glance can convey the unspoken."

In his profound lesson, the monk imparted wisdom about anger and its impact on relationships. He urged his disciple to preserve the closeness of hearts, emphasizing that harsh words could create irreversible distances. The monk's insight encouraged a path of understanding and compassion, reminding all to choose whispers of love over the loud echoes of anger.

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