The Wise Son's Game

The Wise Son's Game

In the bustling court of a kingdom renowned for its wisdom, a priest stood before the king, his intellect and sagacity well-known throughout the land. As discussions ensued, the king posed a question that struck a nerve, questioning the intelligence of the priest's son.

Perplexed and stung by the king's words, the priest returned home, his heart heavy with humiliation. But within the walls of his humble abode, a revelation awaited him, unraveling the truth behind his son's apparent folly.

In the sanctuary of their home, the son revealed a secret game orchestrated by the king and his courtiers, a game designed to test the boy's wit and discernment. Each day, as the son passed by, the king would present him with a choice between a gold coin and a silver coin, mocking his preference for the latter.

Yet, unbeknownst to the court, the son had turned the game to his advantage, selecting the silver coin each time and amassing a treasure trove hidden within their home. With each silver coin chosen, the son outwitted the courtiers, turning their jests into a source of wealth and amusement.

As the priest marveled at his son's cunning, he resolved to set the record straight, determined to showcase his son's true intelligence before the king and his court.

Returning to the royal court with his son by his side, the priest recounted the tale of the secret game, revealing the ingenuity behind his son's seemingly foolish choices. And as the truth came to light, the king's demeanor softened, his admiration for the boy's cleverness shining through.

In a gesture of respect and recognition, the king bestowed upon the son a chest filled to the brim with gold coins, acknowledging his true worth as a scholar and a strategist.

In the end, the lesson echoed clear - true intelligence lies not in the flaunting of one's potential, but in the quiet mastery of circumstance, where wit and wisdom prevail, and the humblest of games can unveil the brightest of minds.

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