The Woman on the Mountain: An Inner Journey of Self-Mastery

The Woman on the Mountain: An Inner Journey of Self-Mastery

High atop an inaccessible mountain, a solitary figure stood—a woman, surrounded by an aura of tranquility. Intrigued, a passing traveler approached her, his curiosity piqued by her presence in such a desolate place.

"What brings you to this remote corner of the world?" he inquired, puzzled by her purpose.

With a serene smile, the woman replied, "I have much work to attend to here."

Perplexed, the man questioned further, "But what work could you possibly have in this barren landscape? I see no one else around."

Gently, the woman explained, "Within me reside two hawks that keenly observe all, discerning between good and bad. My task is to guide them to see only the good—they are my Eyes."

She continued, "Two eagles dwell within, their talons ready to inflict harm. It is my duty to train them to refrain from causing pain—they are my Hands."

As the man listened intently, the woman revealed, "There are rabbits within me, timid and prone to flee from adversity. I must teach them to stand steadfast in the face of hardship—they are my Feet."

She spoke of a weary donkey within, burdened by laziness and obstinacy. "I strive to free myself from the weight it imposes—it is my Body."

The woman's voice grew solemn as she spoke of the snake, locked within a cage of 32 bars, its venomous fangs poised to strike. "Disciplining this creature is my greatest challenge—it is my Tongue."

Finally, she confessed, "And there resides a lion within me, proud and boastful, needing to be humbled—it is my Ego."

The traveler stood in awe, realizing that the true journey lay not in conquering external obstacles, but in mastering the inner realm. Inspired by the woman's wisdom, he embarked on his own quest for self-mastery, knowing that the greatest victories are won within the depths of one's own being.

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