Thirst for Knowledge

Thirst for Knowledge

In the tranquil setting of a master's abode, two disciples embarked on their journey of learning. The first disciple, having been with the master for an extended period, felt a sense of neglect as the second disciple quickly outpaced him in acquiring knowledge.

Seeking clarity, the first disciple approached his master with his concerns. In response, the master chose to convey a lesson through a story.

The master began recounting a tale of two thirsty travelers. A lone traveler, weary and in need of water, stumbled upon a well but found no means to draw water. Lamenting the absence of a bucket and rope, he moved on, leaving his thirst unquenched.

Soon after, another traveler arrived at the same well. Undeterred by the lack of conventional tools, this traveler saw a potential solution. Spotting a bucket nearby, he sought to fashion a makeshift rope from the long grass growing in the vicinity. With determination, he skillfully crafted a rope and, using it, drew water from the well to satisfy his thirst.

Turning to his disciple, the master posed a question, "Now, tell me, which traveler do you believe was more thirsty?" Without hesitation, the disciple answered, "The second one."

The master smiled knowingly and explained, "Indeed, the second traveler's thirst was greater, as he exerted effort and worked diligently to quench it. Similarly, your fellow disciple's thirst for knowledge is more profound, and he is willing to put in the effort to satiate it, unlike yourself."

Receiving this insight, the first disciple recognized the importance of dedication and hard work in the pursuit of knowledge. From that day forward, he embraced the challenge, striving to quench his thirst for wisdom through diligence and perseverance.

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