Unshakeable Faith: The Poor Woman's Response

Unshakeable Faith: The Poor Woman's Response

In a city, there lived a poor woman who held unwavering faith in God. Faced with days of hunger, she decided to send a message to God through the radio, seeking divine assistance. On the other side of the city, an affluent atheist overheard the broadcast and hatched a plan to challenge her faith.

This wealthy man instructed his secretary to purchase an abundance of food and deliver it to the poor woman's home. The secretary was then tasked with informing her that the assistance came not from God but from the devil himself.

The secretary diligently carried out his instructions, delivering a month's worth of provisions to the poor woman's doorstep. As she began to bring the food inside, the secretary waited for her to inquire about the sender. To his surprise, she didn't ask.

Unable to contain his curiosity, the secretary finally questioned her, "Aren't you going to ask who sent you this food?" Without pausing in her task, the poor woman calmly responded, "I know; it was sent by God."

Taken aback, the secretary insisted, "No, it wasn't sent by God. It was sent by the devil." Unfazed, the poor woman continued her work, offering a serene smile. When prodded again, she replied, "What is surprising about this? When God gives an order, even the devil has to follow that order."

This tale underscores the depth of the poor woman's unshakeable faith, revealing that her belief transcended the superficial sender of provisions. In her conviction, every act of kindness was ultimately guided by a divine order, showcasing the resilience of faith in the face of challenges.

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