A Productive Rant About Cash Counter

A Productive Rant About Cash Counter

Commanding Position

The next time you enter a retail store, make sure you take a closer look at the placement of the cash counter. Cash counter placed at the good Feng Shui space will create good positive results, attract more customers and set an excellent and happy environment for the employees.

Cash counters are always full of growth energy and the arrangement and position of the cash counter is very important. The best location in a space which is known as "commanding position" is the best location to position the cash counter from the perspective of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra.

It is an exciting feeling and thrill when we hear the cash counter ringing with sales. The energy through the sales enters the retail store with strong wealth and luck. The placement of the cash register has a very prominent place in both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. As everyone is aware, money is the most important motivating factor for almost all businesses and trade.

Your office, display area, branding essence, décor, cash counter. Every retail space has at least one cash counter and has their prominence. The size and shape of the cash counter determines a lot of things, so always allow a large space for placing the cash counter for a more beneficial effect.

Cash Counter in Its Place and A Place for Cash Counter

Businesses must make sure the position of the cash counter is at the correct place. Apart from that, according to the Feng Shui science, a solid wall or cabinet must support the cash counter. The reason for it is so the business will easily get professional support and consumers to grow it exponentially.

Get a lo-pan compass to find the mountain plate to place the cash counter on the left-side which is also known as the area of prosperity, finance, and wealth. Accordingly, the science of Feng Shui has also been advised not to reveal explicitly the money and it should be kept secret. The area must have adequate lighting and be located in a bright place in order to operate efficiently and bring in more vibrancy and huge profits.

Feng Shui Mirror

Feng Shui Mirrors have the energy to double everything that reflects in life. So if you want to double something, ask yourself what you need? Do you have more happiness?  Do you want more money? So...more sales, more customers, and more money. So what do you do? Use Feng Shui mirrors to double everything in life that you wish to gain.

When you are designing a place and need to make the place look bigger, you always resort to mirrors so the space will look bigger and double the feeling of more area. So when you need more sales, more customers, more business and more money. What do you have to do?

You have to place a mirror in a place in your retail where the mirror does reflect your cash register and it will double your business and double your sales and double your customers and double your money. Whether the business is good or bad, using feng shui mirrors has the energy to improve the sales, money and customers.

A slight detour on the placement of the mirror. There are suggestions to have a floor to ceiling mirror near the retail entrance which will have the energy to double the customers and it also will attract new customers into the business. And not only that, placing Feng Shui mirrors deep inside your shop will double products on the rack and that will give positive energy to you and to attract customers indefinitely.

The Don'ts of Cash Counter

Do not place the cash counter in front of a door or sink because it is believed that the energy will escape through it and the same goes with the wealth. The cash counter also should not be in front of a stove because the energy from the stove will disrupt the energy of the cashier and will make her or him too hot-headed and will result in bad interaction with customers.

The cash counter is favorable on the left side because it is known as the dragon side and the positive energy flowing through it. Always remember that every time a cash register rings, then you are exchanging the energy in the form of cash for products.

The Do's of Cash Counter

Placing a cash counter at the right place is very important in both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. The four Do's on the best locations of the cash counters are such as follows. A cashier must conveniently visualise all the consumers and guests who are coming into the retail and the ideal location always makes a difference.

There is also another school of Feng Shui that advises that the auspicious position to increase the sales is by positioning the cash counter in the center of the retail. A cash counter must always be in standalone placement and not conjoined with any other counters or furniture in the retail.

Combined Articles

You can place a Feng Shui Jade Green Color Money Frog on a cash counter and it is able to attract luck, wealth and prosperity. You also can place Three Legged Toad is also a powerful Feng Shui article that can be placed on the cash counter.

There are also 8 plants that attract money and they are known as Feng Shui wealth plants and it is able to attract prosperity and you can always keep on by your cash counter. The plants are money tree, jade plant, lucky bamboo, orchids, peace lily, citrus trees, pothos, pilea, and succulents. Feng Shui coins also can be used to attract the positive energy of prosperity, wealth and money and these coins can attract good luck and it is great to place them near the cash register.

Finding the Perfect Balance

We at WorldTrendz will keep on guiding you with specific ways to incorporate the science of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui into your retail. So, please pay attention and make sure you get the right information according to the principles of the science for wealth.

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