Amazing Facts About Magical Hills

Amazing Facts About Magical Hills

Hills have been existing for eons from the beginning of time and rumored to radiate mysterious and powerful energies. Some hills had stayed untouched despite the passage of the centuries. For over thousands of years, the hills had been associated with gods and goddesses of the ancient world, and no one remembers their name any longer. 

There were also legends, born of ancient myths, that the gods and goddesses themselves were buried within the hills. Some of these ancient legends had been bolstered by the subsequent civilizations who prayed to the hills and had written about their power over the people and their knowledge of science and astronomy. Until now. 

The benefits on offer at the current time are so high that people are encouraged to put their fears aside. They had convinced themselves that the stories surrounding the hills were just stories. But there are times that people are in fear of the hills. It is a fear of the unknown, of the myths and legends surrounding those places. There have been occasions when stones large enough to be visible above the surface of the ground could possibly mark something very important. 

A strange feeling always takes hold of people whenever they seek something out of the ordinary from the hills. Let us read a story. A group of ancients were on top of a hill and suddenly the earth beneath their feet began trembling and when that happened, most of the men dropped to their knees and began praying. For a few moments, the group of ancient men must have stood absolutely still, looking around them as the earth continued to shiver underfoot. Then, as abruptly as it had started, the tremor ceased. Suddenly, balls of light appeared and then disappeared. Then darkness descended on the hilltop once again, broken only by the light of the ancient men's fire. 

Those ancient men must have gone crazy with the perplexing events and try to digest what they have seen. Nothing seemed to make any sense anymore. It was this sense of hopelessness or the lack of obvious reasons for the happenings that thrilled everyone. Even though it is unorthodox to dismiss the event as an isolated event but it not favorable. Therein lay the mystery of the lights and tremors. Whichever way they tried to analyze it, there was only one conclusion that they could come to. 

Things were not as they seemed. Something big was happening there. Something that they did not understand. They could only hope that it wouldn't be too late before they discovered what the phenomenon was. 

They started to look around and shievered. But not because it was cold at the hill but because it was their location. The night had not yet begun its retreat before the advance of the sun, and its last vestiges still clung to the edges of the vast canopy of stars and galaxies that stretched above the hill. It was cool but comfortably so and not frigid enough to cause a chill in the air. 

It was something else that was getting to them. A group of brave men and veterans of many battles, there was little that could rattle them. Yet, tonight, they felt a sense of disquiet  that they have never experienced before. The leader glanced at the faces of the rest of the group. In the light of the torches, their faces reflected his own anxiety, nervousness, and fear. There was something unnerving about the hill. They wouldn't have been here of their own accord. 

The leader remembered words from his ancestors. Their ancestors wanted to ensure that the world remained safe for all humans even when the worst manifestations of evil materialized. So, they chose a group of men and women to be their representatives and handed over the responsibility of protecting humanity from evil to this group of people. Some of them had mental powers and others were physical powers. 

They form a protective shield around humanity and the hills are the main shield. They didn't just appear out of nowhere. They are around us all the time, mostly invisible, sometimes wreaking havoc , sometimes benevolent. But they are there, nevertheless for humanity. The presence of an invisible, secret shield, thousands of years old, protecting humanity without anyone knowing of its existence was an amazing revelation to the leader. 

Slowly people start considering the hills as gods with superior powers and abilities and start worshiping it instead of meditation on the true Supreme Consciousness. And there would be others who would fear the unknown, having doubts and worry that the hills are a threat to humanity. So, it is better to serve humanity and fulfill destinies by remaining unobserved and unknown. 

The leader silently contemplated the immensity of the scale of the hills. His mind boggled. He felt honored to have the opportunity to become part of the hill. A fierce determination rose with him. Many have said that he is not going to make it. Well he will. Whatever it takes. A name floated into his consciousness. Called up from some distant memory, it hovered for a while, indistinct, as he ignored it. The sense of calmness, of eternal peace, was something he didn't want to let go of. The name became visible. All that is needed is a thought and you can move along the path. He had his own struggles to deal with now. 

So, as a matter of fact, hills have captivated humans for a long time and for whatever reason hills have been playing an important role and part of our life. Its natural beauty that shines through and all combines to make the surroundings magical. In the half light of the dawn, you can enjoy the majestic beauty of hills. While the colors were subdued and there was hardly any light there was a strange, yet welcome sense of peace. The silence was comforting, rather than eerie. We are always marveled at the scenic beauty of the hills.

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