An Introduction to Auspicious Photos

An Introduction to Auspicious Photos

Positive Effects of Paintings, Pictures, Artworks or Symbols

There is positive energy and you can feel it with paintings, pictures, artworks or symbols and it plays an important role if it is positioned at the right place. The amazing positive effects of painting, pictures, artworks or symbols is indisputable and will bring harmony, prosperity, wealth and all positivity by balancing all the five elements.

Photos Placement Tips in the Bedroom by Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui

Vastu Shastra and Feng Shi, the ancient Indian architectural science has made some prominent remarks on what paintings, pictures, artwork or symbols to be positioned in the bedroom. The most important thing to consider is the direction, the type of paintings, pictures, artwork or symbols to be hung or placed in the bedroom.

The Paintings of Radha Krishna: A couple's bedroom wall is the best place to place Radha Krishna painting. The positive energy from the paintings that reflects pure love can instill harmony among couples. The painting is advised to be positioned at the southwest direction in the bedroom to increase trust, confidence and honesty between the couple.

Disturbing Images: Pictures that are of negative vibes nature are not to be placed in the bedroom. In case if you notice any of the following pictures such as ghosts, evil, devil, wars, lonely animal, lonely human, fire, wild animals etc., then please make sure to remove it. Those images can create negativity such as arguments, disputes, loneliness, depression, destruction, anger, dishonesty and so forth.

Abstract Paintings: Abstract paintings are not for the bedroom and they should be positioned in the living room. It is said that abstract art creates confusion and stress between couples' lives.

Photos of Late Ancestors: The portraits of late ancestors must be placed on the northeast wall of the prayers room and never to be placed in the bedroom.

Water Element Photos: Placement of water element pictures should be in the bedroom north wall.

Family Photos: Family photographs are best positioned on the southwest wall of the bedroom and should be avoided in the direction of the north or east of the bedroom.

Photo of White Pair of Birds: If you are able to get your hands on a picture of a pair of white birds, then by all means you can hang it in your bedroom. It is a must have picture for couples who expect harmony and peace and wish their love to be everlasting.

Wild Animal Photos: Placing wild animal photos in the living room does represent ultimate power and placing it in a bedroom will create anger and dishonesty among couples.

Other Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui Photos

Paintings, pictures, artworks or symbols not only decorate a space but it is also able to generate positive energy. Practically the concepts embodied in paintings, pictures, artworks or symbols makes a space personalized and imbued with natural elements.

The Photo of Seven Horses: The seven running horses painting is one the most welcomed because they are known to give prosperity, fortune and fulfillment to the space.

Lord Buddha Photos: The most revered paintings, artwork and symbol of the Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui is Lord Buddha. The immense positive energies in the form of joy, happiness, peace, riches, wealth and calmness is proven beyond doubt. It is said Lord Buddha's photos have the capabilities to increase the flow of this positive energy and are the most prominent life-giving forces. The most prominent place to place paintings, pictures, artwork, symbols, statue and vignettes of Lord Buddha is in the North or Northwest and preferably in the meditation pose for peace, energy, and blessings.

Peacock Photos: Peacock paintings are a symbol known to bring power and success and having paintings, pictures, artwork, symbols of Peacocks will offer you a lot of success and power in your personal life and career. It is also said that Peacock signifies speed, vitality and strength and will lead to financial security and job promotion.


Waterfall Photos: Water is always related to money, so paintings, pictures, artworks and symbols of water are able to create an energy that helps to unify an infinite flow of universal prosperity and wealth when they are placed in the right direction. The waterfall photo is able to attract positive energy and it has an innate power to put mind into rest, reducing stress and tension, and soothingly keeps you safe, secured, and happy. Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui recommend waterfall photos as its performance will benefit the environment for an abundant flow of growth, energy flow of life, fortune and blissful vibrations.

Lotus Flower Photo: Lotus paintings are for good energy because they embody spiritual discipline, perfection, hope and faith and it is also a reflection of health. For good and positive energy, it can be placed in the living room.

Beautiful Landscape With A Bridge Photo: A picture of a lovely landscape with a bridge is believed to bring happiness and is one of the best choices for a bedroom for a happy and successful marital life.

Photo of A Lake: An incredible tool for good luck is in the form of the painting of a lake and the water elements in it is said to be able to attract success and improvement in career and results in a sense of contentment and satisfaction.

The Dragon Photo: North placement brings good luck and growth in the career. East placement considerations are the best force for managing health concerns. Southeast placement as the best element for inducing prosperity, money and wealth.

Traditional Chinese Fire Flower Photo: This painting is for wealth and to attract success, and the rightful recognition in life.

Monotone Brown Chinese Bamboo Photo: The painting is for wealth and prosperity and apt for the living room.

Cherry Blossom Photo: A good indicator for health and soothing feelings, cherry blossom paintings bring good luck and a happy life.

Goldfish Photo: A traditional goldfish painting is ideal for wealth and south-east direction is the most apt placement for flow of cash.

Horse Photo: A galloping horse painting the near entrance invites good luck and wealth.

Photo of Mandarin Ducks: Positioning mandarin ducks paintings in the southwest direction make sure life is full of happiness, marital bliss, fidelity and conjugal affections.

Sea Sunset Photo: The picture of sunset in the sea is able to shower you with the boon of brightness and happiness. It is always a beneficial item.

Nature Photo: Nature painting is beneficial for the bedroom because it reflects perfect happiness and bliss in  life and mental peace.

Koi Fish Photo: The Koi Fish paintings are also known for cash flow and it has to be placed in the south-east direction for abundance income and extraordinary confidence in life.

Apart from this, there are more items available such as lush green chinese bamboo photo, blooming pink rose photo, flowers photos, mountains photos and such. Nevertheless please read, research and refresh for harmony, balance, positive energy, and good vibes through specific placements of paintings, pictures, artwork and symbols. When in doubt, refer to an expert to avoid elemental clash and other negativity.

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