I never felt used because I have volunteered to live a wholesome life. I am convinced that it is much better off not knowing what kind of life I have been living earlier. But the truth is, I was in a psychologically crippling, even devastating life full of anger. Anger fuels my restlessness, repressing and devaluing me and making me dangerous and I ended up living a dangerous life.

Anger is an isolated negative emotion which does not solve anything. It builds nothing for people, but it can destroy everything along its path and makes you feel lonely and insecure. Anger is always on the hunt like an acid that crafts to do more harm to unnerve you and trigger your paranoia. Anger will remain sufficiently confident to continue seeking prey in frustrating minds and it is a testament of cruelty to perfection of darkness. In fact, anger has no true friends. No one with limits does. Friendship, love and compassion is like an illusion, when reality and expectations do not fit.

On any other day, you should turn and go back to being your calm self, but you are angry, gripped by the conviction that the people who you deal with are ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, idiot, jealous, and surly. Analysis of these painful negative emotions will have to wait indefinitely, however, because you are not happy, and your desire to have a peaceful life has attained critical pressure. Now, you become an avatar of Anger. No one frightens you. No one can stop you. It is pure madness.

Anger is fascinated by your ignorance of grief. You believe that Anger understands you. You are obsessed with violence. It leads you to be a unique certified destroyer. The destroyer of happiness and peace. You can be angry but remember that Anger is the incarnation of Evil and it is natural. Anger and Anger alone is immortal. You gain power from every suffering of others but at this point of time, you have to realize that healing is mandatory. You are not fearful.

The remedy for anger is a supernatural temptation because you are as helpless as everyone out there. Peace makes you strong and see things, the moments of the past as your hate reveals your emptiness. Kindness feeds you with happiness and you will remain peaceful and in control. 

  1. It will make sense to you if you decide not to use anger as a response to all your problems.
  2. Control your passion or it will control you and you will lose sight of all that matters. 
  3. Think of the consequences of your anger.
  4. Cry yourself out. It is more meaningful and a satisfying action because the tears will flow silently through the soul and cleanse the heart.
  5. Laugh enthusiastically and reassuringly.

You must have a strong mental aversion to accept that anger is not a solution, it stresses and brings grief forever. You also have to accept and believe it is wrong to seek anger for solving problems because it is an evil concept, as flawed as any. Do what is necessary to find the correct way of solving problems. And there is hope, though not in anger. There is hope in care. A sea of anger cannot wash away a single grain of caring.

If you look at Anger positively, then you will notice it is not bad. Wear the mantle of a true-believing crusader and get ready for psychological warfare with anger. The opportunity the Universe offers you must strike as being a miracle but I am touched, I really am, humble and touched, and impressed. Then you realize, that you have a sense of responsibility and you do not want to oppress anyone but sometimes, you have no choice but to go hard on your conscience to show your anger to make your point, but you never wanted it to go that far.

You will not be able to purge the consequences of your anger and attempting to control it will fail you. To be fair to yourself, perhaps you should accept that some consequences will bring the worst in you. Consequences of anger, after all, brings down humanity and you should arrange for clarity to visit you because you deserve it, and you are safer being innocent instead of pursuing this maddening power.

It is better to cry than being angry because it provides solace to your well being. Your pure, clear tears will reveal the light of truth recognizing what is right and wrong, and you will live by what is right, as much as you can. By crying you are getting energized with an air of extreme vitality. In a world sick with anger that leads to negative emotions that leads to violence that too often results in destruction, you can uplift your spirits by crying yourself out.

When you are so angry, think about something funny, and you will skip anger and go straight into laughing like a lunatic. Your anger will grow to rage, escalate to fury, and redoubled into wrath. So, believe me when I say that laughter is the best medicine instead of anger.

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