Betrayal Has The Answer To Everything

Betrayal Has The Answer To Everything

Everyone must have faced deceit and betrayal at least once in their life. Even now when we recall the whole episodes, we would have felt a blunt arrow of deceit had pierced right through our very soul. Apart from that, the dagger of betrayal had been sunk deep into our very existence. We would have felt nothing more than a lifeless corpse. Our life is devoid of any color and happiness. 

That sting made us bury our face between our raised knees, weeping profusely. We might had wept so much that our eyes seemed to have run dry. Yet we could not help but convulse into heavy sobs. We have been an exceptionally strong individual. We could cry with as much honesty as we did love. Our world was spinning, as we could not believe how our happy and glorious life could turn into a hideous nightmare. 

It took time to assimilate the horror the betrayal sent our way and to nurse our deep angst. The person who betrayed us look more maniac, intoxicated and deranged. In the same body, with the same limbs and the familiar face, the betrayer was a different creature. Whether the betrayer's own soul twisted into its darkest manifestation or that they had summoned a black spirit from the netherworld into them, we could not say. But our betrayer was certainly not themself.

When we analyze our moment of betrayal, it is deeply moving and gives us a profound sense of insecurities. We might have screamed so loud and hideously that anyone around us could sense the presence of someone whose profound grief was greater than their collective suffering. The deep agony in our cry might cut through the hearts and souls of those who were listening to it. 

We kept yelling, our eyes rolled-up, our arms outstretched on our sides and our hands twisted into claws, as if possessed by the devil himself. It must have been a horror of a sight. A face that was once illuminated with love, brilliance and spirituality, was now a concoction of sweat, tears, pain and hate. The betrayal was not not going to be vanquished easily. 

We see how karmic debts and bonds are interconnected over hundreds or thousands of years. We are witness to suffering and degeneration beyond description. There is only one balm for all this pain, the love of our mother. Her word is to be treated like the word of God, sometimes even more than that of God. Our mother is a golden soul. Her purity and her power of goodness is enough to sustain our journey. Remember the promise that you made to your mother. Nothing in the world will stand in the way of you resolving that promise. 

Most children love their mother deeply. But for you, your mother is your very existence. Your mother is your God. She has been guiding you to find your destiny, to fulfill it. No matter what. You have been sent for a larger purpose. Your survival is critical for your journey. And it is only you who can hold on to life even after your trust is broken in every way possible. 

The betrayer is displaying uncharacteristic mass hysteria. The animal, the jealousy, the demon in each of them is rearing its ugly head, as they collectively witnessed and enjoyed your writhing and struggling in inhuman emotional suffering. And yet faith is the last ray of hope for life. 

Much as humans are dumbfounded by God's profound conceptions like the stars, the galaxies and the constellations being the symbol of God's divine workmanship, the greatest of God's creations is undoubtedly life. Magnificent, Human beings that feel pain, give birth, weep tears and love boundlessly without any expectations. We are human beings that mirror the image of God. And it is this creation that needed to be saved. Above all. You have to be saved from the poison of betrayal. 

There is always something extraordinary about you that other people can not comprehend. With no time, you can make the pain of your deep wounds subsiding. A serene calm will seep into you and you will feel the familiar peace that you have experienced when you are one with the Universe, more intense and more divine. 

When you meditate, your whole life will flash in front of you. Your childhood laughter with your doting father, your playful memories with your loving mother, your cherished moments with friends, everything. And more. You will relive flashes from times and places that you didn't even recognize. They were probably sights from your lives before this one. You felt all your pain, revenge, humiliation, angst...all simply vanished. 

With meditation you can heal, physically and spiritually. Wake up and move forward in your life with unabated love and care. Never let your desire for vengeance overpower your duties. Live a life of simplicity and love. You are with people whom you can trust. Feel the gratitude and burst into tears to cleanse your tiredness, emotional pain and hatred. The Universe is everywhere.

Whenever you feel vulnerable always remember that this world spares no opportunity to manipulate a shattered heart and to exploit a defeated individual. It extracts the last drops of life, hope and faith from the broken, to add bricks to its ruthless palaces of ambition to cement evilness. Yes, your heart might be broken. But you are far, far from being defeated. You cannot help but wonder why the Universe did not come to your rescue. 

This will not be the first time this question has cropped up in your mind. Always brushed it away each time, convincing yourself full-heartedly that the Universe must have got a reason. Even though you are convinced that you have been betrayed. Betrayed by those you loved and trusted the most. Keep on telling yourself that the limitless emotional suffering should not metamorphose into a hardened soul. Or your goodness will perish. 

It wasn't your fault. Even when the invisible hand of the universe etches misfortune on the pages of humankind's destiny, even the pious also are consumed by the venom of immorality. It is hard to say who needed whom more. Perhaps divinity is not greater than its believer given the inexplicable urge of love and devotion. The fact remains that one will not exist without the other. 

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