Bulletproof Method To Destroy Enemy And Punishing Them

Bulletproof Method To Destroy Enemy And Punishing Them

Revenge is undoubtedly the most exciting thing to exact, especially towards your enemies. You will no doubt be quite enthusiastic in facing your enemy. If you are using your past, over which you or your enemy does not have any control, to ruin your enemy's present and future, to demean her or him. Then please mark my word; you are beyond redemption because it is your arrogance that perceives others' shortcomings but you are completely blind to your own faults.

Then, why am I sharing methods to destroy enemies and punishing them? The thought of destroying and punishing any life form fills me with sadness, but you must be prepared for any eventuality. You have to learn this method for the protection of your family and you. You should only perform this spiritual practice as your duty and to uphold justice and code of conduct while battling your enemy. It had been an enormous task to convince me to put this in writing but alas I wish not to discriminate in sharing this ancient knowledge.

This procedure has the capacity to generate immense energy from the surrounding if chanted with intensity and strong willpower. It is only to be used to protect your life or the life of your near, dear and loved one from:

  • Cruel people
  • Dangerous enemies
  • Unjust people
  • Unnecessary harassing
  • Problem creator

Nature contains powerful spirits that can help you to hurt your enemy and this procedure involves getting control over these spirits to perform supernatural acts. Remember that it is natural for your enemy to have some resentment against you, so it is not wrong to just learn about this. But, if you still wish to continue, then the steps to activate the spirits are as follows:

  1. You have to start the spiritual ritual by thanking God in your own way; meditation, chants, or worship.
  2. Then you have to pray for the departed souls to reach their destination.
  3. Do not let anything weigh on your spirit.
  4. Visualize your enemies or enemy and focus on their faces or face.
  5. Utter the name of your enemies or enemy.
  6. Concentrate with intensity to get the desired results.
  7. If you can feel an intense energy around you that chills down to your spines, then do understand that the powers of nature will serve your agenda.
  8. Nature will be with you and it will not let any harm come to anyone that you want to protect.
  9. May the Universe be kind to those unfortunate souls (enemies/enemy).

I myself realize that destroying and punishing people is not the only solution. We can use other methods to change the hearts of our enemy and make things right again. I believe that the only way to make amends to animosity is to approach the enemy and ask for her or his understanding.

Do not worry whether she or he is willing to forgo and forgive! Whether she or he forgoes and forgives you is entirely her or his prerogative but you owe it to your own mental peace to forget and forgive their wrongdoing. And you also need to take responsibility for your action that might have contributed to the cause of the animosity.

Living in animosity is not a way of life for spiritually inclined people. We have to coexist with many other living things peacefully. Truly this is the best gift you can give to humanity.  May your future be secure forever with the blessings of the Universe. Always remember that destiny works in mysterious ways and has cause and effect.

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