The fault lay in your destiny, in the mysterious forces at work in your strangely troubled life. You must try your best to make sure there is as much happiness in your life as possible. Do not let your life be dominated by loss, danger and by a fear of the unknown.

You have to let go of your tension and stop being on guard the rest of your life, every minute. From now on, you should fight. Do not let anyone take away that compassion from you. I know what you are going through. You can win Providence because you feel the pain of others and help to relieve it. You have to keep perspective of showing grace in forgiveness and nobility in empathy.

What I am trying to say is that our life is full of surprises and wonders but there are moments in our life that makes us believe that we are all here for some reason. If you are in the middle of darkness without no light to guide you, remember, this too shall pass. So, you have to learn to trust your hunches.

Compassion is an ultimate expression of your highest self and you have to believe in it’s nobility. Compassion becomes real when you recognize our shared humanity at the cost of personal dignity and ultimate survival. Compassion is the basis of human morality creating excitement in life and exhibiting capacity for enjoying the wonders of the Universe.

The prospect of an encounter with a compassionate person such as you instantly fills me with a sense of adventure and joy. A despondent person will find a reason to live just by witnessing the miracles at the heart of every little compassionate thing that you do.

Compassion is the true mode of being a human being, and just like every other thing you do daily, you need to practice compassion to be part of your daily life. You will learn that compassion can be sustained with inner strength, willpower, happiness, and mental tranquility. You can not destroy the feeling of compassion, you have to make it a conscious process and your life will change forever.

We can heal this world which is full of wondrous beauty and deep mystery. Some psychologists will argue that people with memories are not compassionate, because they are made of suffering. You have to be an enigma filled with the light of innocence to be a savior to feel another’s pain as your own, and act accordingly to take the pain away.

It takes a person with a broken heart sometimes to do desperate things and desperation always gives birth to pains. You know too well how irritating some people can be and what miseries they are capable of committing. You have the character to control over every aspect of their life by caring, serving and helping. With the guidance of light, you can be the master manipulator of leading people towards the traditional values of honesty, equity, kindness, and compassion.

I believe that you have to be very kind because people that you meet are fighting a battle that you know nothing about. Your innocence in turn will emotionally connect with the corrupt to communicate the incredible healing message of empathy. Do not dominate others and let yourself be dominated in this process because it is not your fate to deceive, to use, and to destroy others. Your unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most valuable knowledge which seems to be magical and supernatural.

The Universe by reconciling all beings in our world has no doubt on how your journey towards compassion will end. So, a great sense of responsibility always keeps pressing on you and curiously the weight of compassion does bring tears to your eyes. So, let us join together in high spirit to put kindness back into humankind and be in love with nature as compassion is the radicalism of our time.

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