Compelling Reasons Why You Need Mandarin Ducks

Compelling Reasons Why You Need Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin Duck Facts

The mandarin duck originates from China and Japan and it is one of the most beautiful and rare birds. The mandarin duck feels at home when they are in small ponds compared to being in large bodies or open water. They are able to fly through trees due to their agility and maneuverability. They normally perch in trees and the female mandarin always chooses to lay her eggs in a tree trunk cavity or hole.

Normally the ducklings will jump to the ground after hatching and with their fluffiness and lightweight, they are able to land safely on the ground. They will be led to water by the mother after being gathered around on the ground. A pair of mandarins are given as gifts to brides on their wedding day because they are known as a symbol of fidelity and happiness.

Loyalty of Mandarin Ducks 

Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui agree that a pair of mandarin is the most extraordinary symbol for a lifelong strong, loyal and robust relationship. This vibes is inspired by the known fact that mandarin dusks throughout their span of life sticks only to the same partner. This is the reason why a pair of mandarin ducks usually in the form of figurines is the best ornament to enhance, attract love and romance and create a vibes for togetherness.

Mated for life, the mandarin duck is believed to bring the energy towards a couple's steadfastness, devotion, love, romance and loyalty. As a cure for being single and searching for partners, it does help in finding a partner and leads to a happy and successful marriage. The mandarin duck's presence does foster a loving environment and soothes heartaches and encourages mutual support between couples. By positioning mandarin ducks in the right direction in the bedroom, it is believed to attract love, marriage, boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Placement Directions of the Mandarin Ducks

The mandarin ducks must always be kept in pairs and they must face each other in the southwest direction and the bedroom will be an ideal place. Keeping it in the living room is always favorable but they must be kept in a well lit place and must always be cleaned and with fresh flowing air.

Get a new pair if the figurines get broken or you can get a painting. Don't separate the figurine and never keep the broken or damaged ducks. If possible buy rose quartz figurines because they are known as the love crystals and emit energy that reflects love.

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