Everything You Need To Know About Hope

Everything You Need To Know About Hope

Have you ever wondered about being so hopeless and yet when things go wrong badly, right then you can feel that Hope exists on the horizon. At times when you hit a wall and this wall seems to hold you off like a point of no return and when you have to face the shortcoming of hopelessness and simply focus on where to go from this miserable condition? There is a sense of realization that the Universe has been merciful.

That is when the journey that you have been avoiding begins, right in that moment when all feels hopeless. A ray of hope bursts open and knowingly hope starts knocking the door that this isn’t the end.

This is a new beginning!

There is no escape from hopelessness due to worldly day to day challenges yet I am starting to understand the workings of the Universe and how it presents opportunities to wade through the darkness and shine the light through the worst challenges. So, fulfill your conditions and keep your promises. There is no better way to do that than keep on motivating yourself.

I have to admit that hopelessness not only births Hope but also brings about empathy and understanding of other people. It widens the scope and the peripheral vision to view the challenge from a whole new perspective. So, we have to always try to balance thoughtlessness by honoring the dreams of another even though it means nothing to us. It is the first step towards empowering another person.

There are no right answers to all our problems but the logic we use in our thought process will be in accordance with our future positions in life. There is hope in listening to another and by being in one’s presence binds us with a duty towards humankind. So leave aside the feeling of hopelessness and do what is right because it counts.

Hope perpetuates through silence, focus and concentration and we are full of dreams. We dare to hope that reality will be as beautiful as how we have imagined it. As it's a well known fact that your smile could be the best hope for a stranger. Let us be the reason to create a feeling of hope and motivation and it will slowly but surely bring hope to uplift the world and humanity as a whole. It is just the right thing to add new vigor and build a feeling of confidence. 

Take a moment and attend to the feeling of hopelessness when it’s daunting, sit with it and observe the flow of Energy that the Universe is pushing through you to flush out doubts and ambiguity. Universe will bring clarity through the toughest challenge.

There is no formal procedure to approach the Universe; all we can do is request for whatever is required in our mind and it should not be greed. This is a miracle and I hope you know the significance of this.

Ever experience the distress of being stuck in a bottomless pit with the only savior being a ray of hope which generates simply through one thought that signals to the universe an outcry for help.  As long as your intent is devoid of greed and maliciousness, the Universe presents you with the miracle of hope. Help pops up in the form of divine intervention when the distress signal is received by the universe.

We can try to understand the basic principle about the true nature of the universe. Take these lessons with a pinch of salt and don't hope to learn it the hard way. Do not let people shake you out of this fascination, for in your mind your hope is as sound as any logic.

From now on, you should not consider yourself incapable of achieving. Just put your heart on it and hope will guide you accordingly. At your heart, HOPE, because hope makes you act with  free will and fuels you with the right direction to be more positive.

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