Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Kuan Kung

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Kuan Kung

God of War

Kuan Kung (Kwan Kung, Guan Gong, Kuan Kong) is a Chinese God. He is the most powerful and shrouded with mystery God of War. It is believed that God Kuan Kung blesses those who invite him to their house or business with status and protection.

The legend states there was a very powerful warrior whose name is Kuan Di who was a powerful, courageous and brave hero on the battlefield. As for his contribution towards his deeds and numerous victories for enemies, he became a known protective figure to generations of emperors, court attendees, business people and armies.

In respect he is officially known as Kuan Kong or the God of War. The God of War is believed to protect the innocent and righteous and treats everyone equally.

Powerful Charm

The statue of the War God Kuan Kung is known as the most powerful charm for protection, strength, courage, money and wealth. He has always been shown as a majestic, mystical, mighty and powerful figure.

The idol of the Kuan Kung is always robed with Dragon war motifs and carries a long staff blade and he is known as the most lucky charm that benefits business and well-being. The fact of the statue reflects anger and it is believed that the more angry he is, the more powerful the statue will be.


By positioning or displaying Kuan Kung at the door entrance of a house or business seems to invite positive vibes and keeps away negative or harmful energy and will protect against fraud, white collar crime and embezzlement.

The northwest direction is the best place to place the image or statue of Kuan Kung and is said to nurture luck, confidence, success and protection. The placement and the energy that it generates creates a barrier for spiritual afflictions too.

The most important location to position the idol or statue of Kuan Kung is kept at a height facing the main door and those who are standing outside the house or office must be able to view the full idol or statue if placed at a reasonable height and elevation. There is no necessity to pray to the statue or idol, but it must be kept clean to attract the most powerful vibrations and energies.

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Lord kuan kung is my boss…i always pray to lord kuan kung day in and day out…

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