From a life of mere survival, we are given an opportunity to understand what it means to get involved in the high stake of living. We know intuitively that we must exploit opportunity to the maximum possible and extract the best possible excitement and sensations that life has to offer.

Let mystery touch our simple life for what it is. 

Doubt no more. Your quest for intense experiences carve a path towards nature, plants and animals. You want the rare experience to linger and hoping to prolong it and chew the possibility of intensity. You are energized by these unexpected developments and not backing down for the risk of the unknown.

The power of time encapsulated in mere existence does not answer you anymore. You are way beyond reasoning and questioning.

A virtue of the ability to take care of your life and people surrounding you is unfolding. A divine mercy allotted to you, and your ability in tapping to the entire universe realizing that you, being you, is graceful. This is where your entire life has been heading.

You will be at peace with yourself for the first time of your life.

Your mind is a mystery, and your emotions are mysterious in nature which cannot be resolved by the sheer desire to find a solution to them. But your heart has an appeal. Let go of your burden, seek your true nature and deal with it as soon as possible.

You will be able to perceive the world’s elemental nature to make a small change that will create ripple effects.

Oh, how nature loves you, how unreserved and loyally they stick with you. Some motivation for you to expand yourself and to move beyond the realm of nature. Now, you have the power to bring goodness in life and happiness and spread the goodwill of nature.

At a point of time, you will realize that you are arguing with yourself into taking the most difficult course of action. You can feel the universe closer to you. After all the years of getting by, you decided to keep your head high, out of the prison of fear and shame. You are able to recognize the tune of universe prodding, guiding and pushing you, confident that you are able to overcome the barrier and moving towards the supernatural, otherworldly, unseen presence.

You have been roped in to fulfill services of some higher force. You have a clear seeing mindset about the nature of existence. You are exploring an aura of life within the confine of yourself bearing a message of redemption, hope and a guiding star. Now it is time. It is time for you to awaken to reality, functioning in this world and living in other dimensions. You are in harmony with this kind of power and the transformation is convincing.

You are engaging as an independent spirit as you are.

Your vision translates through all your extraordinary senses. You are a fighter, charming, agreeable and easy to understand and no baring of heart. Your senses are unusually acute and are so sharp and invisible like a spirit.

You are special and deep in your heart you know that God exists. The kindness that you are going to give others, the love that you will be sharing with others, and the thing that you may come to understand in your heart is expanding enormously.

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