When you embark on the pleasant journey of releasing your expectations, you are free to enjoy things unspooled with a grace, exceeding it with your most extravagant dream for what they are instead of regretting what you think they should be or how it is supposed to unfold.

When you are in the spiritual world communicating with the Universe, you will make strange discoveries and it goes like this, “you should blame yourself for expecting too much and it is wrong to blame other people for disappointing you.”

In particular, the assurance of love from others, the exemption of others from blame, and escaping the dark world of expectations will be your mantra. Although you are a person with strong appetites, dominant personality and complex desires; you stopped judging people and started loving them.

Once you give up expectations, when you are learning to live, then you will realize that everyone seems to have an ulterior motive and a clear idea of how other people will lead their lives, but none is about their own.

It is the case of you expecting nothing and appreciating the value of everything, then there is so much more that you will learn. I see the look you are thinking of giving me; I know I cannot change the world but just imagine a world with no swastikas, no hammer-and-sickles, no bowing down to inhumane theories that might result in people dying.

If you realize precisely what powerful emotions drive your appreciation, maybe you will recognize when appreciation begins to trump expectation.

Just keep in your mind that the more you value things outside of your control, then the less control you will have in your life. Expectations are premeditated resentments and it is profound because there is a difference between guiding and controlling, so giving without expectation leads to receiving without limitation.

You just need to accept the knowledge of your own power and face it, and you also need to know how to access it, so you can be the change the way you want to be.

In a way, it also ensures an appreciation for the strangeness of life and the unpredictability of human beings. Even though your soul wishes to speak its predictable truth, you are pressured to be silent.

Likewise, in moments of crisis and desperation, average women and men from all walks of life, even though not conditioned for combat, will display courage equal to the legendary acts of valor and determination of all the known battlefields of the history of humankind. So, the best encouraging rule for a simple honorable life is to care with no reason and love with no expectation and you have the capacity to do it with a sense of duty.

When you have to slip into the gap of complicated life and have your desire, detach yourself from the outcome, and let the Universe take care of the details of your expectations.

In a way, expectations determine outcome and it does not matter whether nature or nurture does it. You are holding the power of expectations and outcome as no one has before, a creature of flesh and blood yet mystical and wise and knowledgeable.

If you expect others to make you happy, you will always be disappointed, so get ready and prepare yourself for a moral blow because every action of yours is enigmatic and you have the potential to determine the outcome. 

Do remember that whatever your expectations are, the outcome is within your reach. Life proves that truth every day, every hour, for the future of freedom and the dignity of the human heart. And life continues to surprise with every convenience to harbor countless hopes and ambition and to escape from the ugliness of the world.

You do not have to let yourself be terrorized by other people’s expectations and once you are enslaved, then it is forever and you will be different in some fundamental way. So, free yourself from the pressure of other people’s expectations who keeps on pulling your nerves indefinitely.

First, in your life, you will be routinely frustrated and tormented, with the consequences of all your angers and anxieties being shaped into nightmares and you unconsciously have expectations of others unconsciously.

Second, if your expectations are fulfilled, it is obviously because you yearn for a perfection of experience that you can hope to find in life, so you expect more of it.

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