Maybe fear suggests that you are programmed, and perhaps in a way you are, but that does not mean fear should get in your way. Do not be afraid of the unknown, your fate cannot be taken from you, it is a gift from the Universe. Fear also cripples your ideas, crushes your experience, stalls your success, blind your eyes, confuses your dimensions, dull your senses, kills your affections, and strangles your passions. Life is very hard and lonely for many of us.

If you look into your heart, you will find a demon named fear holding you against your will. It waits to corrupt your innocent soul and keep you captive in a dark and barren hell. You will be sad and forever broken due to fear’s treacherous nature which goes for your weakest spot. It shows no mercy when it finds something is wrong with you and makes you scared. You get angry quicker than at other times fearing everything because it slips into your mind like a spy. You can be scarier than anything on Halloween with unerring ease but once your fear takes you over, it will not let anything good happen to you.

There are so many fears that hulk over you and paralyze you and there are some fears that turn you to be a monster. You are scared of the dark, the eerie venue and the dire circumstances and what’s in it because you are afraid of what it will conspire to make you seem grotesque. At any point of time and at any place, you will be scared of heights and afraid of falling and there are so many fears that you are afraid of and they are labelled as “Phobias”.

There is no time for, no hope for, no sense in negotiation for people who are afraid of the people around them because they fear rejection. Nature, with her singular sense of drama, makes you choose whether to let go or not but you keep on holding on to it because you are afraid to let it go. Even in the lighter lightness, courage is a lifeline, though sometimes as thin as a thread.

Your thinking discretion will not overcome the dark fear but your action will be broaching. The consequences of your action will prove that you are not a coward and you have to obsessively keep on trying to overcome your fear one by one because you are sick with guilt beyond all reason.

Sometimes in the long run, you learn that courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. Although courage is as natural as sunshine, it is impossible to resist fear. Whenever your emotions function without intention, you do sometimes see malice in fear, so you need to be comfortable in order to practice other virtues with consistency.

Mastery of fear is very important and a percentage of the world population believe in it. Therefore, you must have interest in games of chance because fear is not absent. Such is its apparent purpose anyway because you have to be coping with the continuous rolling of dice of fear, and that is as much gambling as you can handle.

By replacing fear of the random unknown with directed curiosity, you open yourself up to an infinite stream of possibility and it does a lot of miracles and wonders. Just keep recalling it because it matters profoundly to bring balance to your life. Not for the first time, you are telling yourself that this is how fully formed seekers jittered their way through life, but you still believed in your sanity that to believe your own curiosity is of great value to face your own fear.

The priorities of spiritual journey is to unlearn fear and accept love unconditionally. It is always your choice as to which of these emotions you want and you don't need any other explanation for why more people would be more afraid than ever.

There is a saying that either fear stands for forgetting everything and running or facing everything and rising. So, use your common sense and listen to it as how animals with their heightened five senses or even with a sixth can read people far better than people can read them. Nobody and nothing will scare you anymore.

There are times when fear is good and it does wonders like a fresh breeze. The problem with such a vile threat, however, is that it convinces you of the perfection of fear. You know that you cannot bring people who intimidate down with one stone and a slingshot. So, it is alright to have an inbuilt mechanism of fear to remain aware and cautious.

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