Gemini: What A Dream!

Gemini: What A Dream!

The lives of Geminians are full of changes. Even though they wish to set the wrongs in the world right, their Karma decides whether they will enjoy an excellent life with prosperity or to face continuous misfortunes.

Their wellbeing in this world depends largely on the opposite sex and it has the capacity to change their fate. As a rule of thumb, the Geminians usually experience both extremes of life; complete and meaningful life or hard times.

They are most likely to face family disputes and usually the differences will be with their father.

Geminians need to understand that they are the reason for their own downfall if that happens.

There are possibilities of facing losses or might even gain illegitimate progeny through secret or extramarital love affairs and this will lead to the source of financial disputes.

We at WorldTrendz are sharing opportunities for remedial measures for Astrological sign Gemini. We have highlighted the remedies in very simple terms and the natives of this Zodiac sign can always try 1 or more of the remedies given below:

  1. Healing Stones
    1. Blue Lace Agate
    2. Howlite
    3. Laser Quartz
    4. Moonstone
    5. Serpentine
    6. TIgers Eye
  2. Zodiac Tapestry
  3. Lakshmi Yantra
    1. Lakshmi Statue
    2. Lakshmi Seated Statue
    3. Lakshmi Tapestry Sequined
  4. The natives of Gemini are advised to feed fish whenever it is possible.
  5. If possible, medicine donation to a hospitalized person will be favorable.
  6. Try not wearing any green clothes.
  7. Do not plant or keep any money plants in your house.
  8. Donate rice or milk to a place of pilgrimage.
  9. Unique sound frequencies
    1. Om Keshavaya Namah
    2. Om Kleem Kshnai Namaha
    3. Om Aim Kleem Souh

During the taxing periods spanning from 26th September until 21st December 2021, the Geminians will have to face a challenging period and it will provide the natives with mixed results in their present life.

So, Geminians making big decisions are advised to consult elders in their family and well wishers at home  while taking important decisions especially when it concerns their profession or business expansion.

It is also advisable for the Geminians not to start any enormous new tasks or take unnecessary risks at this time.

Gemini native will get full support and affection from their family and it is up to the native to make the surroundings and environment to be full of bliss and happiness.

Karma does pose an extremely unjust demand to the Geminians! So, the native must think many times before making any decision or involving in a task or taking any calculated risk because they will end up jeopardizing their family's future because of their small mistake.

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