Go-To Resources About Door

Go-To Resources About Door

What is so special about doors?

Today there is something important to be learned on the allowance of positive energy and the outgoing of negative vibes from a space. And in order for the exchange to happen without any glitches, a portal is needed or simply put as a doorway or door. Since time immemorial doors have played many roles and that includes spiritual, aesthetic, symbolic and ritualistic. Metaphorically, the door is identified as a vehicle for change according to Wikipedia.

Interesting facts about doors

  1. C.G. Johnson invented the garage door which was such an innovation during those days in 1921. He is a smart entrepreneur and subsequently innovated the electric overhead garage door opener in 1926.
  2. There is an American rock band known as "The Doors” which was formed in 1965 at Los Angeles. The name is inspired from an autobiographical book titled "The Doors of Perception" which was written by Aldous Huxley and published in the year 1954.
  3. Dreams have a lot to say about doors. Dreaming of a door may indicate that there will be an opportunity coming your way. Dream of a locked door may mean that you will miss an opportunity. So be careful of what you dream!
  4. A door that does not lead anywhere is known as a false door. The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California is one building in the United States of America is famous for its false door. Apart from that there are doors around the world that lead to nowhere. While a false door in Egypt is said to lead the dead to the afterlife.
  5. People in Ireland paint their doors colorful, so it became a surprise the Irish painted black on their doors to symbolize that they are mourning when Queen Victoria visits Ireland. 
  6. A door signifies a symbol of trust, hope, opportunity, communication, freedom and liberation.
  7. The ancient Roman god of doors Janus is known as the god of doors, windows, beginnings, endings, transitions and gates. In our calendar, the month of January is named after him.
  8. The doors at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Vehicle Assembly Building is 456 feet high and it is 150 taller than the Statue of Liberty! It will take approximately 45 minutes to open or close completely. 
  9. The largest moving object in a space is a garage door and it exerts deadly force when it closes. It is advisable to keep children and pets away from the garage door.
  10. A driver will open the garage door on a post that could be reached from their driveway and it is the first wired remote garage door opener.

Vastu Shastra for Door

According to Vastu Shastra, it is auspicious to keep the main door in the direction of north, north-east, east or west. It is warned not to have the main door in the direction of south, south-west, north-west, or south-east. Always keep the area around the main door clean and avoid having obstruction such as plants, big trees, staircases, poles etc. and items such as dustbin, broken items etc. near it. It will be beneficial to decorate the main door. It is good to decorate the door because the vibes create an archway to victory and progress in life.

Door and Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, generally doors represent a few different dimensions of life because it is a portal of energy. An excellent feng shui front door will nourish a space and it must open inwards to bring in the universal life force energy. So by having a functional, free of obstacles and welcoming front door...it is able to invite positive energy and vibes. It is said that doors are connected to expression of yourself and the aspects of life for a clear speech and for open expression.

Doors provide the feel and look of luxury and also increase the value of a space. So, let us get passionate about doors and let it reflect in your life by inviting positive energy and getting circulated and experiencing it. So focus on doors because it is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and money. In order to attract positive energy and vibes, the door must be aesthetically appealing and it will keep on increasing the flow of the positive energy and vibes.

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